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SINSI Spotlight: A Passion for the Health and Well-Being of Others
Concern for the health and well-being of others has long been a driving force for Marlise Pierre-Wright ’12, MPA ’16. Her desire to serve others led her to apply to the Wilson School's Scholars in the Nations’ Service Initiative (SINSI).


“I had the best experience. I had wonderful mentorship and great opportunities in my agency. I think SINSI is an amazing program. It changed my life.”
- Marlise Pierre-Wright '12, MPA '16

The Policy Debate
America’s drug epidemic could be better controlled by addressing the economic hardships facing rural America, Princeton University’s Keith Wailoo said at a recent Congressional briefing. The country must also consider how best to treat those suffering from chronic pain.
The briefing—held May 9 by the National History Center of the American Historical Association (AHA)—coincided with House Republicans voting on 18 bills aimed at the rampant opioid addiction problem sweeping the country. The briefing focused on American drug policy and drug addiction epidemics in a historical perspective.