Politics and Polls: Episode 1

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Affirmative Action Program

Supreme Court Rules Texas Abortion Law Unconstitutional

What is the Greatest Source of Smog in Beijing?

What Does the Vote for Brexit Mean for Britain and the EU?

SINSI Spotlight: Will Wagner

Our Students
Wilson School Hosts Summer Policy Academy for Students from Pueblo and Navajo Nations
Hosted every year since 2008, the Summer Policy Academy (SPA) brings together American Indian rising juniors, seniors and recent high school graduates to the Wilson School for a weeklong program to explore issues facing native tribal communities.


“By using issues immediately relevant to them and their communities, students gain the essential skills and tools to prepare them to become advocates, and they can then influence policies and laws that do not compromise their indigenous core values.”
- Regis Pecos '77, SPA co-founder and co-director

The Policy Debate

On June 23, Britain voted to leave the European Union, opening a historic new chapter filled with questions. Harold James, the Claude and Lore Kelly Professor in European Studies and a professor of history and international affairs at Princeton University, commented on the immediate outcome of Britain's stunning "Brexit."