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Anna Gregory
Anna Gregory
Chief of Staff, Office of Human Capital, DC Public Schools
MPA, Class of 2010
After college, I applied for Teach For America and was placed in a public school in DC. Teaching is the hardest job I’ve ever had.  After a few years, I decided to leave the classroom, but my years of teaching have defined my career.  My classroom experience proved to me that every child, regardless of race, background or circumstance, can achieve at high levels. In order for this to happen, schools must provide an excellent education to all students.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in most low-income communities.
I came to Woodrow Wilson for graduate school to learn more about public policy, especially in education, so that I could better understand the systems (and the barriers) to changing our failing schools.  The inability to find and keep great teaching talent is one of the key barriers to creating and maintaining good schools. 
After graduating from the Woo, I came back to DC Public Schools to work on our groundbreaking teacher evaluation system.  Before we could create systems to keep great teachers, we had to be able to identify who our great teachers were.  Our evaluation system did that and it also provided clear expectations to teachers, which was lacking in our schools (and most schools across the country).  In this role, I also managed our value-added model for measuring a teachers’ impact on student achievement, and I was greatly appreciative of my econometrics courses in Robertson Hall.
I’m still with DC Public Schools, and now my role is Chief of Staff in the Office of Human Capital.  My job is to support our team in finding, growing, and keeping great talent in schools in support of our mission – to ensure we have the most effective teachers, principals, and Central Office staff to provide an excellent education to students in the DC.  
Anna Gregory graduated from the Woodrow Wilson School in 2010 with an MPA in Field III.