Declaring a WWS Major

Declaring WWS Major

When students designate WWS as their major in the spring of their sophomore year, they are required to describe their primary policy interests and how their plans for coursework are related to those interests.

In particular, students are asked to select among a list of policy areas designated by WWS or, in the event their interests do not match one of the designated areas, to describe their own areas of interest and the coursework that would accompany it.

Students also are asked to describe how they have met or plan to meet departmental requirements for additional language study and for cross-cultural or field experience.

Students then are assigned faculty course advisers appropriate to their interests and program of study.

To formally declare WWS as a major, go to Concentration Declaration.

You can build and visualize your weekly schedule with the new online WWS Advising Tool. This tool allows students to easily select the prerequisites, core courses, electives (past and present), region, and methodology courses that fulfill the requirements of the WWS concentration.