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News Clips: Week of Oct. 23-29

Oct 24, 2017

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly.

Stephen Kotkin on Stalin's economics
Financial Times (Stephen Kotkin)

Stalin: the definitive biography of a tyrant, foibles and all
Financial Times (Stephen Kotkin)

12 New Books We Recommend This Week
The New York Times (Stephen Kotkin)

6 best Russian history books
Independent (Stephen Kotkin)

How the Russian Revolution sparked a blood-soaked ideology which is worryingly back in fashion with the left
The Daily Mail (Stephen Kotkin)

Book review: Stalin: Waiting for Hitler 1928-1941 by Stephen Kotkin
The Times (Stephen Kotkin)

Some of what we couldn’t cover in our chat with Stephen Kotkin about Stalin
Financial Times (Stephen Kotkin)

Critics in the Senate take on Trump as he heads to the Hill to sell tax reform
The Christian Science Monitor (Julian Zelizer)

Donald Trump Courted a Republican Rebellion. Now He's Got One.
Bloomberg Politics (Julian Zelizer)

Trump relishes fighting enemies in his own party
POLITICO (Julian Zelizer)

Donald Trump tries to deflect probes into Russian relations
Newshub (Julian Zelizer)

Ex-Dem Rep: Trump’s deflection strategy is failing because voters are ‘fatigued’ by his constant drama
Raw Story (Julian Zelizer)

Unhealthy and addicted Americans die younger
The Times (Angus Deaton)

The U.S. Opioid Crisis Hits Tasmania's Poppy Farmers
Bloomberg Businessweek (Angus Deaton)

Report: Paul Ryan Planning to Slip Amnesty for DACA Illegal Aliens Into Spending Deal
Breitbart (Marta Tienda)

The Party of Lincoln Is Now the Party of Trump
The New York Times (Nolan McCarty)

Trump courted a Republican rebellion. And he got one.
Macomb Daily (Julian Zelizer)

This Is How the Opioid Crisis Is Changing America
Bloomberg Politics (Alan Krueger)

Could The 1980s Have Predicted the Great Recession?
Value Walk (Atif Mian)

Fix this democracy — now
The Washington Post (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

The New-Old Fatalism
The American Interest (Harold James)

Public health vs. national emergencies: what are they, when have they happened?
Penn Live (Kim Lane Scheppele)

There's one Fed chair nominee Trump is considering who scares the market
CNBC (Alan Blinder)

There's No You in AI
National Review (Alan Krueger)

As Mark Halperin's career implodes, journalists go public with tales of humiliation
Vanity Fair (Julian Zelizer)

America’s Oligarchy: No Money for Opioid Crisis, Endless Funds for Corporate Tax Cuts
GlobalResearch (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Here's how to prepare for your financial future if you work in the gig economy
Business Insider (Alan Krueger)

Coastal flooding, rising seas threaten these US cities most
The Weather Network (Michael Oppenheimer)

Tibetan Glacier Reveals History of Pollution
GlacierHub (Stephen Kotkin)

CNN face plant trying to troll Trump
American Thinker (Julian Zelizer)

Production Live! Programming Announced for 2018 Pollstar Live! Conference
Pollstar (Alan Krueger)

Booms & Busts: How The 1980s Could’ve Predicted The Great Recession
Value Walk (Atif Mian)

Maize, Blue and Lavender; LGBTQ history as a part of U's Bicentennial
The Michigan Daily (Harold Shapiro)

Pollstar Live 2018! Announces Lineup
Venues Now (Alan Krueger)

Beware of 'benevolent' sexism
Daily Times (Susan Fiske)

Addressing the Opioid Crisis Means Confronting Socioeconomic Disparities
Huffington Post (Anne Case and Angus Deaton) 

Development At Extreme Close Up
Outlook India (Angus Deaton)

Booms & Busts: How The 1980s Could’ve Predicted The Great Recession
ValueWalk (Atif Mian)

The Sackler Family: best known for philanthropy, they made billions promoting Oxycontin
Boing Boing (blog) (Alan Krueger)

America Has a Monopoly Problem—and It’s Huge
The Nation (Alan Krueger)

Booms & busts: How the 1980s could've predicted the great recession (Atif Mian)

Resurrecting Creditor Adjustment
Project Syndicate (Harold James)

Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between
Bloomberg (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

The slow train to Tallinn
NewStatesman (Stephen Kotkin)

How Our Government Segregated America: An Interview with Richard Rothstein
History News Network (Douglas Massey)

Support For 'Mersal' Shows Why Regional Nationalism Makes The South Unscalable For BJP
The Huffington Post (Atul Kohli)

'Xi Jinping Thought' enshrined in Chinese constitution
Daily Sabah (Rory Truex)

The Good Psychology In 'The Good Place'
NPR (Betsy Levy Paluck)

Urbanization Much More Than City Growth, Expert Says
Miami University College of Arts & Science (Allison Isenberg)

Middle-age America prognosis: retire later, die sooner
Las Vegas Review-Journal (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)