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News Clips: Week of Nov. 27 - Dec. 3

Nov 27, 2017

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly.

The Media Is Finally Punishing Sexual Harassment — It's Time For Washington to Do the Same (Julian Zelizer)

Trump's anti-Muslim retweets spark outrage
The Inquirer (Julian Zelizer)

TRUMPadelphia: Trump's tweets, the tax bill, and more
The Inquirer (Julian Zelizer)

Report: McAuliffe 'Seriously Considering' Presidential Run
Newsmax (Julian Zelizer)

McAuliffe 'seriously' considering 2020 run
The Hill (Julian Zelizer)

Economists voted against a net neutrality principle in 2014. They may be changing their minds.
Quartz (Janet Currie)

America's Opioid Crisis: A Nation Hooked
EDM Digest (Anne Case and Alan Krueger)

America's Opioid Crisis: A Nation Hooked
Forbes (Anne Case and Alan Krueger)

Trump's team says the tax bill will pay for itself. It won't.
Vox (Angus Deaton)

Republicans push a craven, partisan monstrosity
The Washington Post (Alan Blinder)

The Great Recession Is Still With Us
The Atlantic (Alan Krueger)

Latest GDP numbers appear to have slain the demon of DeMon, but economic fundamentals remain a challenge
The Times of India (Atif Mian)

E.J. Dionne: Government by the reckless, for the few
Winston-Salem Journal (Alan Blinder)

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: Government by the reckless, for the few
The Oregonian (Alan Blinder)

GOP tax bill is government by the reckless, for the few
San Francisco Chronicle (Alan Blinder)

How Donald Trump uses tribal loyalty to drive economic optimism
Financial Times (Atif Mian)

Do Tax Cuts Work?
Nasdaq (Janet Currie)

No Family Is Safe From This Epidemic
The Atlantic (Alan Krueger)

Are Donald Trump's tax cuts a wage rise for all or wealth boost for the rich?
Financial Review (Alan Blinder)

Republicans are on their 4th attempt at Obamacare repeal, and they just might succeed
Vox (Paul Starr) 

Scitech | Social determinants of mental health
The McGill Daily (blog) (Angus Deaton)

Why globalization is a mixed blessing
Arutz Sheva (Angus Deaton)

Election 2018: a battle over #Fightfor15 (Alan Krueger)

In Remembrance of Uwe Reinhardt
Health Affairs (Uwe Reinhardt)

Medicaid Children In Managed Care More Likely To Get Treatment For Asthma & ADHD
Open Minds (Janet Currie)

Trump tax cuts: a wage rise for all or a wealth boost for the rich?
Financial Times (Alan Blinder)

Daron Acemoğlu: An economist headed for a Nobel
Hurriyet Daily News (Angus Deaton)