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News Clips: Week of May 28 - June 3

May 29, 2018

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly.

Trump knew of jobs report details Thursday night, Kudlow says
The Virginian-Pilot (Alan Krueger)

Expert Alert: Low labor force participation rate
University of Minnesota (Alan Krueger)

Surveillance: Dysfunctions in Labor Markets with Jason Furman
Bloomberg (Alan Krueger)

Donald Trump Now So Excited About Previously ‘Fake’ Jobs Data, He’s Helping Traders Frontrun The BLS With His Twitter Account
Dealbreaker (Alan Krueger)

Jobs numbers look good, but it's Trump tweet that drew the most attention
Dallas News (Alan Krueger)

Walmart’s New Education Benefit Puts Cap and Gown within Reach for Associates
Citizen Tribune (Alan Krueger)

Walmart creates degree benefit for N.J., U.S. associates (Alan Krueger)

Democratic candidates for Maryland governor attack Hogan but not each other
New Haven Register (Benjamin Jealous)

Democratic candidates for Md. governor attack Hogan — but not each other
The Washington Post (Benjamin Jealous)

UF to partner with Walmart in new education benefit for associates
Florida Trend (Alan Krueger)

Trump-Russia probe is left unspoken in 2018 congressional races
Daily Republic (Julian Zelizer)

Roseanne Train Wreck Raises Issues of Race in TV Coverage
Journal-isms (Julian Zelizer)

70 Years of US Corporate Profits
Pro-Market (Angus Deaton)

Populism in Europe: Fear, Greed, and Putin’s Meddling
Geopolitical Monitor (Rafaela Dancygier)

Pope summons oil execs to Vatican to talk climate change
AP (Michael Oppenheimer)

Mattis warns China over 'militarization' of South China Sea
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Aaron Friedberg)

U.S. warns of 'consequences' if China continues 'intimidation and coercion'
sb Dirty South Soccer (Aaron Friedberg)

Why Rich Kids Are So Good at the Marshmallow Test
The Atlantic (Eldar Shafir)

How quaint: US-N Korea diplomacy via exchange of letters (Julian Zelizer)

Bruce's history lessons: Spring cleaning 2018 (Stephen Kotkin)

Q&A: The Politically Incorrect Book That Debunks Climate Change Myths
The Daily Signal (Michael Oppenheimer)

Same cancer, worse results and twice the cost in the US
CNN (Janet Currie)

The high and the mighty: American oligarchs (Martin Gilens)

Spring cleaning 2018
Observer Reporter (Stephen Kotkin)

Pope summons oil execs to Vatican to talk climate change (Michael Oppenheimer)

Bashar al-Assad threatens US troops
Kurdistan 24 (Ryan Crocker)

Mattis accuses Beijing of intimidation in South China sea (Aaron Friedberg)

How Israel's ongoing violation of Oslo Accord threatens security
Al-Monitor (Salam Fayyad)

Trump Adds to Jobs Day Intrigue Tweeting Excitement for Data
Bloomberg (Alan Krueger)

Italy, North Korea sees the return of the 'madman' strategy
Australian Financial Review (by Harold James)

UF to partner with Walmart in new education benefit for associates
UF News (Alan Krueger)

GOPers like Boehner paved the way for their irrelevance in the age of Trump
CNN (by Julian Zelizer)

How Quaint: US-NKorea Diplomacy via Exchange of Letters
The New York Times (Julian Zelizer)

The Memo: 'Roseanne' storm revives debate over Trump
The Hill (Julian Zelizer)

7 Years After Gadhafi's Ouster, Libya Remains Engulfed In Civil War
KDLG (Ryan Crocker)

7 Years After Gadhafi's Ouster, Libya Remains Engulfed In Civil War
NPR (Ryan Crocker)

Madmen in Authority
Project Syndicate (by Harold James)

San Francisco’s city attorney wants data on Uber drivers and how much they’re getting paid
Fast Company (Alan Krueger)

How to be happy without earning more
Chicago Booth Review (Angus Deaton and Daniel Kahneman)

Unlike 'Roseanne,' this show exemplified the best of American politics
CNN (by Julian Zelizer)

Taiwan a frontline state against authoritarian influence: official
Focus Taiwan (Aaron Friedberg)

'We Can Change the World. Let Me Show You How.'
The American Prospect (Paul Starr)

Beyond Electoral Democracy
Jacobin Magazine (Martin Gilens)

What is 'introspection illusion' in psychology?
The Hindu (Emily Pronin)

If Life Getting Better?
PanAm Post (Angus Deaton)

Why don't we feel a greater sense of pending doom over the fear of a nuclear wipeout?
The National (Susan Fiske)

Trump's Presidency Benefits China
Foreign Policy (Aaron Friedberg)

Trump-Russia Probe Is Left Unspoken in 2018 Congressional Races
Bloomberg (Julian Zelizer)