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News Clips: Week of May 14 - 20

May 14, 2018

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly.

Municipality of Princeton names proposed affordable housing sites
Planet Princeton (Heather Howard)

Jimmy Carter, the most successful one-term president in history?
The Washington Post (Julian Zelizer)

How Republicans can ride the blue wave
CNN (by Julian Zelizer)

Trump says he will demand Justice Department investigate the Russia probe
Los Angeles Times (Julian Zelizer)

Barack Obama is speaking at a tech conference, but not one you’d expect
San Francisco Chronicle (Julian Zelizer)

Abbas is a pain in everyone’s neck, not just Israel’s (Salam Fayyad)

OIC Summit: Erdogan call Muslim leaders to confront Israel
APN (Salam Fayyad)

Imbert's Casual Cruelty (Alan Blinder)

Congress is about to loosen the reins on the banking industry. Here’s why.
The Washington Post (Nolan McCarty)

U.S. Forces in South Korea: A seven-decade commitment
San Francisco Chronicle (G. John Ikenberry)

Why Peacetime Naval Buildups are Difficult
CIMSEC (Aaron Friedberg)

Are human-smuggling cartels at the U.S. border earning $500 million a year?
The Washington Post (Douglas Massey)

This week in Congress: Defense rush before Memorial Day
MilitaryTimes (Ryan Crocker)

Barbara Ehrenreich Gets Pumped For Death
Huffington Post (Angus Deaton)

Italy illustrates the way to liberal democracy's demise
Financial Times (Harold James)

Trump says he'll nominate acting VA Secretary to become agency's permanent leader
Prince George Citizen (Ryan Crocker)

Trump to nominate acting Veterans Affairs secretary Robert Wilkie to be the agency’s permanent leader
The Washington Post (Ryan Crocker)

Trudy Rubin: Truth about Gaza: 3 myths keeping U.S., Jerusalem from owning up to their roles in the crisis
The Monitor (Salam Fayyad)

What If Richard Nixon Had Been Good at Football?
Slate (co-written by Julian Zelizer)

Any Republican Would Have Won in 2016? It Ain’t Necessarily So.
Ricochet (Robert Keohane)

Billionaire Jack Dorsey Reaffirms Bullish Bitcoin Outlook, Says Crypto Will Displace All Currencies
Inquisitr (Angus Deaton)

Leading Democrats Are Backing One of the Most Radical Economic Plans in Years
Bloomberg (Alan Krueger)

The Fair Housing Act accomplished a lot, actually: But here's how to combat segregation that remains
Daily News (Douglas Massey)

How the Trump administration is reshaping Medicaid
The Economist (Martin Gilens)

Prescription Rates Drive Opioid Crisis More Than Economic Woes, Study Finds
The Wall Street Journal (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

America's new aristocracy: the 9.9% and their delusion of hereditary meritocracy (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

What's News Today: May 17, 2018
WSLS 10 (Eldar Shafir)

General Qassem Soleimani: Iran's regional pointman
Yahoo! (Ryan Crocker)

The Man Who Could Shape Iraq's Future
The Atlantic (Ryan Crocker)

Kurtzer's Peace Plan: Been there, Tried That
Jewish Exponent (Daniel Kurtzer)

Trying to put a value on the doctor-patient relationship
The New York Times Magazine (Paul Starr)

Uber drivers make about as much money as minimum wage workers
Quartz (Alan Krueger)

This is how much Uber drives really make
MarketWatch (Alan Krueger)

Day Three: Consensus 2018 Wraps Up With a Canada-Studded Lineup
coinsquare (Ed Felten)

The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy
The Atlantic (Anne Case, Angus Deaton and Alan Krueger)

Bloomberg Best: From Our Bureaus Worldwide - May 15 (Audio)
Bloomberg (Alan Blinder)

How Bill Clinton Stopped White House Leaks
The Atlantic (Alan Blinder)

Melania Trump 'Be Best' platform is a lost opportunity for White House
The Hill (by Lauren Wright)

Ex-ambassador ridicules idea that Israel is threatened
Israel International News (Daniel Kurtzer)

U.S. health spending began soaring in 1980
HealthExec (Paul Starr)

Greek Scientist Elected Fellow at UK's Royal Society
Greek Reporter (Shirley Tilghman)

A guide to celebrating and sharing Yale’s 317th Commencement
YaleNews (Ryan Crocker)

Pasadena’s Fight for a Living Wage: Where Do We Go From Here?
LA Progressive (Alan Krueger)

If Nixon Was Good at Football, History Might Be Different
Slate (Julian Zelizer)

Elusive peace grows more remote with U.S. Jerusalem embassy move, violence
Reuters (Daniel Kurtzer)

Advice and Dissent, by Alan Blinder
Financial Times (Alan Blinder)

Bernanke, Fischer Support Clarida Nomination for Fed Vice Chairman
The Wall Street Journal (Alan Blinder)

Elusive peace grows more remote with US Jerusalem embassy move, violence: Analysts
The Straits Times (Daniel Kurtzer)

Elusive Peace Grows More Remote With U.S. Jerusalem Embassy Move, Violence
U.S. News & World Report (Daniel Kurtzer)

The Long-Term Effects of Moving The Embassy to Jerusalem
WAMU 88.5 (Daniel Kurtzer)

Don't teach your children that masculinity is toxic (Sara McLanahan)

10 Things You Don't Know About Yourself
Scientific American (Emily Pronin)

Med Beat: What are people thinking when they take out a payday loan?
The Roanoke Times (Eldar Shafir)

Transhumanism: A Wail of Despair in the Night
National Review (Lee Silver)

Blockchain and the gig economy: The new universal basic income?
Irish Tech News (Angus Deaton)

A new plan is needed if Palestinian state is to become a reality
Arab News (Salam Fayyad)

Uncertainty surrounds demise of nuclear deal
The Bulletin (Ryan Crocker)

Medical Mystery: Something Happened to U.S. Health Spending After 1980
The New York Times (Janet Currie and Paul Starr)

Economics trails the sciences in attracting a diverse student mix
Financial Times (Anne Case)