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News Clips: Week of March 5 - 11

Mar 5, 2018

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly.

Knowledge Is Power?
Psychology Today (Daniel Kahneman and Emily Pronin)

US adds 313,000 jobs, unemployment holds at 4%
The Straits Times (Alan Krueger)

China's Legislature Blesses Xi's Indefinite Rule. It Was 2,958 to 2.
The New York Times (Rory Truex)

From sandhill cranes to wildebeests: 9 of the greatest animal migrations
Chicago Tribune (David Wilcove)

Marvin Kalb's stories from Russia
Brookings (Alan Krueger)

U.S. adds 313,000 new jobs in Feb.
The Japan News (Alan Krueger)

Uber Drivers Earn Pay That's Just Above the Poverty Line
BloombergQuint (Alan Krueger)

US Job Growth Accelerates Much More Than Expected In February
Stock News Press (Alan Krueger)

Are people hardwired to be optimistic about their future well-being?
Livemint (Angus Deaton)

SMITH: Quest for affluence has left us with poverty of the soul
Indianapolis Business Journal (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Despair is killing Americans. Here's how people of faith can help
Deseret News (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Foreign Aid Often Hurts More Than Helps
The Patriot Post (Angus Deaton)

Trump morphs campaign slogan for 2020 run: 'Keep America Great!'
The Express Tribune (Julian Zelizer)

Settle in with these weekend reads
CNN (Julian Zelizer)

You're probably way too optimistic about your future happiness
Quartz (Angus Deaton)

Why Gary Cohn's exit didn't actually tank the stock market
New York Post (Alan Krueger)

The Strongman Syndrome
News24 (Martin Gilens)

Debt, Boom, Bust: How Borrowing Drives the Business Cycle
Barron's (co-written by Atif Mian)

Happy Hour Roundup
The Washington Post (Julian Zelizer)

Opinion today: Italy's Five Star leader rises from the south
Financial Times (Christina Davis)

Will Putin Ever Leave? Could He if He Wanted?
The Wall Street Journal (Stephen Kotkin)

We need to get better at covering studies about fake news
Poynter. (Andrew Guess)

Where is Barack Obama?
The Atlantic (by Julian Zelizer; mentions Paul Starr)

How Obama Got Schooled by a Broken System
The Daily Beast (by Julian Zelizer)

Campaigns cry foul in national Democrats' interference in key House races
ABC News (Julian Zelizer)

Donald Trump to make first trip as president to defiant California
Business Standard (Julian Zelizer)

Obama's legacy: He sparked hope — and got blindsided (by Julian Zelizer)

A Case for Giving Locally
Stanford Social Innivation Review (Angus Deaton)

Our Views: Big impacts from poverty in Louisiana
The Advocate (Angus Deaton)

Syrian Kurds Stop Fighting Islamic State To Combat Turkish Invasion
Breitbart (Ryan Crocker)

Our Inaction Is A Weapon of Mass Destruction in Syria These Days
Task & Purpose (Ryan Crocker)

What makes gig economy workers anxious?
KERA NEWS (Alan Krueger)

How to have a good reputation (because having a perfect one is impossible)
Big Think (Susan Fiske)

Trump's invader hordes don't exist: Most of the world doesn't want to come to America
Los Angeles Times (Douglas Massey)

LOOSE ENDS: Why Paul Starr wants people 50 and over to be able to buy into Medicare (Paul Starr)

It is up to China to save the global trading system
Financial Times (by Christina Davis)

U.S. Added 313,000 Jobs in February; Wage Gains Cool to 2.6%
Bloomberg (Alan Krueger)

A dangerous turn that threatens its own political alliances
La Nacion (Julian Zelizer)

Obama's legacy: He sparked hope — and got blindsided
CNN (by Julian Zelizer)

Can Yehuda Kurtzer's Doctrine Of Pluralism Heal The Divides In The Jewish Community?
The Jewish Week Media Group (Daniel Kurtzer)

Debunking The Myths Of The Social Media Era
Yahoo! News (Markus Prior)

DACA Deadline Passes, DREAMers in Limbo; Local Groups Seek to Support Immigrants
Town Topics (Anastasia Mann)

MIT's Uber study couldn't possibly have been right. It was still important
Quartz (Alan Krueger)

Uber Better Not Be the Future of Work
Bloomberg View (Alan Krueger)

Dying to Know Uber's Secrets, Data-Hungry Cities Get Creative
Wired (Alan Krueger)

After 'Flawed' MIT Paper, Uber Drivers Can't Agree On How Poorly They're Paid
Motherboard (Alan Krueger)

About Half of Uber, Lyft Drivers Make Less Than Minimum Wage
10000 Couple (Alan Krueger)

Labor Secretary Acosta Says It Is Time to Embrace the Gig—I Mean, The “Entrepreneurial” Economy
JD Supra (Alan Krueger)

Research Says If You Make This Much Per Year, You'll Be Happy. Anything More Actually Lowers Your Happiness
Inc. (Angus Deaton and Daniel Kahneman)

The real challenge is inequality
The New Indian Express (Angus Deaton)

Israel establishment fears power struggle amid Abbas health scare
Middle East Monitor (Salam Fayyad)

March 7, 1988: Dubai Medical College for Girls opens
Gulf News (Salam Fayyad)

Measles vaccination better for entire health
Aperture Games (Jessica Metcalf)

The lemongrass burrito is the new America. Can either party keep up?
GANT News (Douglas Massey)

China's household debt problem
Financial Times (Atif Mian)

Next! How Superpowers Change Places
Los Angeles Review of Books (Thomas Christensen)

Biden hits campaign trail for red-state Dems
The Hill (Julian Zelizer)

China's National People's Congress is meeting this week. Don't expect checks and balances.
The Washington Post (by Rory Truex)

The measles vaccine also protects against other infections
Lettera43 (Jessica Metcalf)

"Separate and Unequal," 50 Years Later: Taking Stock of the Kerner Report
Democracy Journal (Julian Zelizer)

Gender Imbalance in the Black Community
National Review (Kathryn Edin)

Income inequality: causes, consequence and solutions
USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences (Anne Case, Angus Deaton and Alan Krueger)

Brexit Boom: Manufacturing Set to Outpace the Rest of Economy as Exports Surge
Breitbart (Ashoka Mody)

Uber, Lyft drivers earn low pay, study says, but Uber slams 'major discrepancy' in methodology
Fox News Channel (Alan Krueger)

Robert Reich: Kushner's Unconscionable Conflicts
Alternet (Martin Gilens)

The Real Engine of the Business Cycle
Project Syndicate (co-authored by Atif Mian)