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News Clips: Week of June 25 - July 1

Jun 25, 2018

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly.

U.S. Inflation Muted in May, Gauge From Central Bank Forum Shows
Bloomberg (Mark Watson)

NY Mag Glows Over Obama, Fails to Recognize Any Trump Successes
Accuracy in Media (Julian Zelizer)

Summer books of 2018: Economics
Financial Times (Alan Blinder)

Would basic incomes or basic jobs be better when robots take over?
Financial Times (Daniel Kahneman and Alan Krueger)

A Maverick Candidate’s Message to Scholarly Groups: Elect More Adjuncts
The Chronicle of Higher Education (Stanley Katz)

Five Ways Trump Can Dominate Everything
The National Interest (Julian Zelizer)

New data privacy law gives Californians new way to sue over breaches
San Francisco Chronicle (Jonathan Mayer)

5 times when PTI didn’t consider religion a personal matter
Rabwah Times (Atif Mian)

30 years ago, James Hansen warned Congress of climate change. He was on point
ZME Science (Michael Oppenheimer)

"Al-Hayat": Abbas for the First Time in Several Years, Met with Fayyad
The Koz Times (Salam Fayyad)

Wars of None: AI, Big Data, and the Future of Insurgency
Lawfare (Jacob Shapiro)

Celebrate our freedoms on the Fourth of July
Idaho Press (Martin Gilens)

Booker seeks distance as corporate donations become potent campaign issue
POLITICO (Julian Zelizer)

Democrat's Massive Mistake of Calling to Abolish ICE
Background Briefing with Ian Masters (Julian Zelizer)

'Abolish ICE' is a massive political mistake
CNN (by Julian Zelizer)

Family migration and the politics of incivility
KCRW (Julian Zelizer)

Book Deals: Week of July 2, 2018
Publishers Weekly (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Trump’s Potemkin Economy
The New York Times (by Paul Krugman)

Foreign spying comes under new scrutiny from lawmakers
The Hill (Jonathan Mayer)

The United States Withdraws from the World
Mint Press News (Salam Fayyad)

Hutchins Roundup: Slack and inflation, the gender pay gap in the gig economy, and more
Brookings (Mark Watson)

Secrecy a sign of seriousness in peacemaking
The Jordan Times (Salam Fayyad)

A Nobel Prize-winning economist says 'non-competes' are keeping wages down for all workers
my San Antonio (Angus Deaton)

Harsh anti-Trump UN human rights report on US 'extreme poverty' cherry-picks data, assumptions, examination shows
FOX News Channel (Angus Deaton)

Today’s US-Mexico ‘border crisis’ in 6 charts
Nation of Change (Douglas Massey)

Today’s US-Mexico ‘border crisis’ in 6 charts
WTOP (Douglas Massey)

Summer Reading Special: The World From the Beach with Carlos Lozada
Council on Foreign Relations (Stephen Kotkin)

How the opioid epidemic is exacerbating a U.S. labor-market shortage
MarketWatch (Alan Krueger)

Should We Worry About Trump’s Fawning Admiration of the Military?
The New York Times (by Gary Bass)

A Future Without Unions Is a Terrifying Dystopia
Vice (Julian Zelizer)

Anti-establishment fervor grips Dems
The Hill (Julian Zelizer)

Democrats badly underestimated Trump
CNN (by Julian Zelizer)

What if Nixon had excelled in college football? What if Ali hadn’t been banished?
The Washington Post (Julian Zelizer)

'Bring it on, Larry Hogan': Ben Jealous predicts victory in Maryland governor's race
The Baltimore Sun (Ben Jealous)

By the numbers: How Ben Jealous beat out Rushern Baker in primary race for governor
The Baltimore Sun (Ben Jealous)

Can Ben Jealous beat Hogan? Here are five things he needs to do.
The Baltimore Sun (Ben Jealous)

How Ben Jealous won Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial primary — and what could lie ahead
The Baltimore Sun (Ben Jealous)

Linda Sarsour: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is the Hope We Have Been Waiting For
Democracy Now (Ben Jealous)

US primaries choose Democratic, Republican nominees in seven states
World Socialist Web Site (Ben Jealous)

Crowley Loses, Trump’s Picks and Mitt Romney Win: Election Wrap
Bloomberg (Ben Jealous)

Ben Jealous wins Maryland Democratic primary race for governor
The Baltimore Sun (Ben Jealous)

Benefit or burden? The cities trying out universal basic income
The Guardian (Angus Deaton)

Musicians Are Poorer and More Abused Than Regular People, Survey Says
Noisey (Vice) (Alan Krueger)

Taiwan not a problem, but a miracle: former US Official
Taiwan News (Thomas Christensen)

Economists: Public Employee Union Membership Is Bound To Drop
Honolulu Civil Beat (Alan Blinder)

China has not won hearts and minds: former US official
Taipei Times (Thomas Christensen)

Trump Was Right to Leave the Iran Nuclear Deal
Geopolitical Monitor (Stephen Kotkin)

Trump Was Right To Leave The Iran Nuclear Deal – OpEd
eurasiareview (Stephen Kotkin)

Uncommon Knowledge: Joseph Stalin — Waiting For Hitler
Ricochet (Stephen Kotkin)

‘Abolish ICE’: The Roots of the Left’s New Immigration Rallying Cry
New York Magazine (Douglas Massey)

Trump administration disputes U.N.'s claims that 18.5M Americans are in 'extreme poverty'
TRIB Live (Angus Deaton)

Can we reduce suicides? Have faith
Yellow Hammer (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

The American Dream Deferred
Brookings Institution (Alan Krueger)

New Insights Into the Long-Term Toll of Opioids
Psychology Today (Noreen Goldman)

The Memo: Bannon says court win vindicates Trump
The Hill (Julian Zelizer)

Today’s US-Mexico ‘border crisis’ in 6 charts
The Conversation (by Douglas Massey)

Elections, President Trump, And Insights From History With Julian Zelizer On Wednesday's Access Utah
Utah Public Radio (Julian Zelizer)

Inflation Is Crawling No Matter How You Measure It
Bloomberg (Mark Watson)

The news media usually show immigrants as dangerous criminals. That’s changed — for now, at least.
The Washington Post (Martin Gilens)

MPs to vote on third runway & leading climate agency may lose its climate focus
CarbonBrief (Michael Oppenheimer)

Recommended Summer Books
TuftsNow (Stephen Kotkin)

A Second Trump Term Just Got Way More Likely Thanks to the Supreme Court
Vice (Julian Zelizer)

Popularity of tariffs on China may lead to pain
The Spokesman-Review (Aaron Friedberg)

China senses failure to win over Taiwanese: ex-U.S. official
Focus Taiwan (Thomas Christensen)

A Template for 'Incivility'
The Atlantic (by Julian Zelizer)

Working Women Often Underestimate Motherhood Costs
The Wall Street Journal (Ilyana Kuziemko)

Will Trump's opponents end up getting him re-elected?
Daily Mail (Julian Zelizer)

Chances For A Black Governor Grow As The Primary Season Winds Down
Newsone (Ben Jealous)

Is Trump making America great?
Pakistan Today (G. John Ikenberry)

Does Trump's approval rating predict a 2020 re-election?
CNN (by Julian Zelizer)

The UN says 18.5 million Americans are in 'extreme poverty.' Trump's team says just 250000 are.
The Washington Post (Angus Deaton)

Michael Coombs | Fatherlessness Raises Crime Risk
The Gleaner (Sara McLanahan)