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News Clips: Week of July 3 - 9

Jul 6, 2017

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly.

We Say No To Making America Sicker
Huffington Post (Paul Starr)

The CHIC's war on veterans
The Adirondack Daily Enterprise (Julian Zelizer)

The opioid crisis is draining America of jobs
CNN Money (Alan Krueger, Anne Case, Angus Deaton)

No, America is Not an Oligarchy Run By the Ultra-Rich
Daily Signal (Martin Gilens)

Paulsen Says Jobs Report Is ‘Goldilocks’ for Stocks
Bloomberg (Alan Krueger)

The US job market is the strongest it’s been in years. So why aren’t workers getting bigger raises?
Quartz (Alan Krueger)

Trump and Putin meet tomorrow. Here are 6 things to watch.
Washington Post (Keren Yarhi-Milo)

Trump gave a good speech. What's next?
CNN (Julian Zelizer)

Trump Is Winning the Immigration Debate
Politico (Robert Keohane)

Want to save for tomorrow? There's no time like today
The Lowell Sun (Daniel Kahneman)

The opioid crisis is hurting prospects for the US labor market
Yahoo Finance (Alan Krueger)

EDITORIAL: Democrats paying the political price for drifting far left on immigration
Las Vegas Review-Journal (Robert Keohane)

Why states pass budgets despite rising political divide
Christian Science Monitor (Nolan McCarty)

Opinion: Health Care Debate Shows GOP Out of Touch with Latinos
NBC News (Eldar Shafir)

Trump is destroying his credibility with the world
CNN by Julian Zelizer

This Fed governor says get ready to be disappointed
Stansberry Churchouse Research (Alan Blinder) 

Trump's Twitter battle with press may come with a price
ABC News (Julian Zelizer)

The consequences of raising the minimum wage aren't surprising
Washington Post (Alan Krueger)

Health Care Showdown
CNN (video featuring Julian Zelizer)

Some In Georgia Question The 6th District Election Results
The National Memo (Ed Felten)

Drop in crime rate 'due to less exposure to lead'
Lancashire Evening Post (Janet Currie)

Trump's Twitter battle with press may come with a price
ABC News (Julian Zelizer)