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News Clips: Week of Dec. 18 - 24

Dec 27, 2017

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly.

Life Expectancy Drops Again As Opioid Deaths Surge In U.S.
NPR (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Americans' life expectancy dropped for the second year in a row, and experts are panicking
The Week (Anne Case)

Man in Charge of US Mortality Stats Is 'Really Alarmed'
Newser (Anne Case)

Life expectancy drops again as opioid deaths surge in US
89.3KPCC (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Drug overdoses contribute to drop in US life expectancy
Washington Examiner (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

US Life Expectancy Drops For The Second Year In A Row Because Of Opioid Deaths
BuzzFeed (Anne Case and Angus Deaton) (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

What’s Bigger Than A Tsunami? Republicans Are About to Find Out. So Are Democrats.
San Diego Free Press (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

U.S. Life Expectancy Down for Second Year, Driven by Drug Overdose Deaths
The Washington Free Beacon (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

US life expectancy is dropping for the first time since the AIDS epidemic
Quartz (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Experts Concerned as U.S. Life Expectancy Drops for Second Year in a Row (Anne Case)

Media, Academia Freak After Trump Removed Climate Change As a National Security Threat
Townhall (Michael Oppenheimer)

Trump unveils details of ‘America First’ security strategy
The Globe and Mail (Michael Oppenheimer)

The Journal Gazette (Michael Oppenheimer)

Under Trump, climate change not a national security threat
The News Tribune (Michael Oppenheimer)

26 voices on why the free press matters
CNN (Julian Zelizer)

The Hill (Julian Zelizer)

Populism Is a Problem. Elitist Technocrats Aren’t the Solution.
Foreign Policy (Alan Blinder and Martin Gilens)

The GOP tax bill is business as usual in America’s unequal democracy
The Washington Post (Martin Gilens)

Have yourself a dismal Christmas
The Economist (Angus Deaton)

Henry Idema: Tax cuts: A Christmas present?
Holland Sentinel (Angus Deaton)

In battle with Mueller, Trump has a big advantage that Nixon did not
The Washington Post (Julian Zelizer)

The Early Edition: December 18, 2017
Just Security (Julian Zelizer)

‘Despot has slaves in his inner circle’
The Times of India (Stephen Kotkin)

How Philippine President Duterte has transformed the Asian geopolitical landscape
South China Morning Post (Stephen Kotkin)

Life expectancy drops again as opioid deaths surge in U.S.
KTOO Public Media (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Life Expectancy Drops As Opioid Deaths Rise In U.S.
Health Thoroughfare (Anne Case)

New Study Linking Global Warming To Refugees Is ‘Most Idiotic Use Of Statistics’ This Expert Has Seen In A Long Time
The Libertarian Republic (Michael Oppenheimer)

‘Idiotic Use of Statistics’: Expert Destroys Study Linking Refugees to Climate Change
The Western Journal (Michael Oppenheimer)

The Grand Bargain to Give the West Back Its Mojo
The American Interest (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

When does political discord escalate to incitement? Ask Donald Trump
The Guardian (Susan Fiske)

Study: Babies of mothers who live near fracking sites face increased health risks
Tribune-Review (Janet Currie)

The Cheat Sheet (Susan Fiske)

Trump unveils details of 'America First' security strategy
Click Lancashire (Michael Oppenheimer)

A Liberal Defense of Populism
The American Interest (Andrew Moravcsik)

Blowing Up the Deficit Is Part of the Plan
The Atlantic (Paul Starr)

Riding A Motorcycle During A Full Moon Increases Risk Of Death, Study Finds
StudyFinds (Eldar Shafir)

Firing Mueller and Shades of Nixon
Bloomberg (Julian Zelizer)

Fracking Impacts Infant Health, New Study Reveals
Town Topics (Janet Currie)

Trump team spent the morning debating what’s next after taxes
The Washington Post (Alan Krueger)

Episode 189: The Best Author Interviews of 2017
The American Interest (Stephen Kotkin)

A Tale of Two Hegemons: The Anglo-American Roots of the Postwar International System
War On the Rocks (G. John Ikenberry)

LOOSE ENDS: Harold Shapiro is using his knowledge to help people better understand how to save our environment (Harold Shapiro)

Millionth ‘Ethnic Hungarian’ Receives Citizenship
Transitions Online (Kim Lane Scheppele)

Half of America thinks we’re making it up
Poynter. (Andrew Guess)

Egyptian Reporter's Journey From Think Tank to Jail Cell
U.S. News & World Report (Daniel Kurtzer)

Economists Skeptical That GOP Tax Bill Will Boost Economy
NPR (Alan Blinder)

The Opioid Crisis Comes to the Workplace
The Atlantic (Alan Krueger)

Egyptian reporter's journey from think tank to jail cell
The News Tribune (Daniel Kurtzer)

10 Charts That Tell The Story Of Energy In 2017
Forbes (Janet Currie)

If You’re Not a Democracy, You’re Not European Anymore
Foreign Policy (Kim Lane Scheppele)

Report: Hillary Clinton Mulling Role in 2018 Midterms
Breitbart (Julian Zelizer)

Economically speaking, gift-giving can be a waste of money
The Verge (Janet Currie)

Government Structure—Not Just Personnel—Needs to Change
truthdig (Martin Gilens)

Unfairness, not inequality, is the real problem
The Straits Times (by Angus Deaton)