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News Clips: Week of Dec. 11 - 17

Dec 27, 2017

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly.

Ethics in policy: facing trade-offs to help citizens live a life they value
The Mandarin (Eldar Shafir)

You're more likely to die riding Okada under a full moon
GK Men (Eldar Shafir)

Why the holidays are the perfect time to practice saying “no”
Hello Giggles (Eldar Shafir)

Full Moon Is Bad, But Supermoon Is Even Worse for Motorcyclists
Live Science (Eldar Shafir)

Full moons cause ‘road deaths to spike’ as they distract motorists – and it’s even worse on ‘supermoons’
The Sun (Eldar Shafir)

Dark side of the moon: Bikers 'more likely to suffer a fatal crash when there's a full moon'
Mirror (Eldar Shafir)

Scientists Warn Against Riding Motorcycles During a Full Moon
Inverse (Eldar Shafir)

Fracking sites raise the risk of low-birth-weight babies
Bangor Daily News (Janet Currie)

Hydraulic fracturing negatively impacts infant health, study finds
ScienceDaily (Janet Currie)

Fracking harms the health of babies, study shows
Grist (Janet Currie)

Babies Born Near Fracking Sites at Increased Risk of Being Underweight, Unhealthy
Laboratory Equipment (Janet Currie)

How will the tax bill impact health care? 5 experts weigh in
PBS News Hour (Janet Currie)

Fracking Linked to Low Birthweight, Worse Infant Health
Medscape (Janet Currie)

Fracking Study Finds Low Birth Weights Near Natural Gas Drilling Sites
Inside Climate News (Janet Currie)

Fracking linked to low-weight babies
Science (Janet Currie)

Fracking linked to low birth weight in Pennsylvania babies
ScienceNews (Janet Currie)

Congress reels as two lawmakers resign over sexual misconduct
Sunday Observer (Julian Zelizer)

Five myths about bitcoin
Inforum (Ed Felten)

Policymakers and Experts Debate Future AI Policy
MeriTalk (Ed Felten)

Five myths about bitcoin
Chicago Tribune (Ed Felten)

Analysis: Five myths about bitcoin
Daily Herald (Ed Felten)

Senate Dem warns of lack of diversity in AI engineering
The Hill (Ed Felten)

What's government's role in AI?
GCN (Ed Felten)

AI experts caution Senate against heavy regulation (Ed Felten)

Solo Act
Mumbai Mirror (Stephen Kotkin)

How to Build a Dictatorship
Slate (Stephen Kotkin)

U.S. inequality machine sends Dow soaring
The Daily Star (Alan Krueger)

America’s Inequality Machine Is Sending the Dow Soaring
Bloomberg (Alan Krueger)

Fracking linked to low-weight, less healthy babies
ZME Science (Janet Currie)

Stop Fracking! Do It For the Children!
WND (Janet Currie)

Study: Fracking Linked to Low Birth Weight in Newborns
The Scientist (Janet Currie)

Is India on target?
Deccan Herald (Angus Deaton)

Is America's Happiness Industrial Complex Working?
Outside (Angus Deaton)

A mass incarceration mystery
The Washington Post (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Virgil — The Two Americas: One America Grows and Profits, the Other Shrinks and Dies
Breitbart (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Steer clear of Bitcoins lest the bubble bursts
The Free Press Journal (Mark Watson)

Check out the things you might not know about Bitcoin
Click Lancashire (Mark Watson)

Impact of embassy site move reaches beyond Jerusalem
StarTribune (Daniel Kurtzer)

Solo Act
AhmedabadMirror (Stephen Kotkin)

The inner lives of queer comrades in early Soviet Russia (Stephen Kotkin)

Kopp, Lamb, Lavallée, Li, and Shaw Receive 2017 James B. Macelwane Medals
Eos (Michael Oppenheimer)

Sea level rise in this century will gulp habitat of half of US population
International Business Times (Michael Oppenheimer)

Why Does American Politics Feel So Hopeless? A New Book Explains
Chicago Magazine (Martin Gilens)

The U.S. is Not a Democracy, It Never Was (Martin Gilens)

Motorcyclists more prone to accidents on nights with a full moon, as per research
Newsx (Eldar Shafir)

Fatal motorcycle crashes are more likely under a full moon, researchers find
The Washington Post (Eldar Shafir)

We may be in for far higher amounts of sea level rise than ever thought before
Mashable (Michael Oppenheimer)

Would you advise Trump on science? Survey examines attitudes of U.S. researchers
Science (Shirley Tilghman)

Experts tell Senate panel of AI's growing potential
Health Data Management (Ed Felten)

Can Nikki Haley Save the World?
New York Magazine (Aaron Friedberg)

@SenatorWicker Convenes Hearing on Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Y'all Politics (Edward Felten)

Republicans Rattled by Trump Backlash, Implications for Midterms
Newsmax (Julian Zelizer)

The Ghost of Richard Nixon
U.S. News & World Report (Julian Zelizer)

It's best to steer clear of Bitcoins lest the bubble bursts (Column: Active Voice)
Business Standard (Mark Watson)

Lawmakers introduce bipartisan AI legislation
The Hill (Edward Felten)

Rabbis, leaders react to Trump’s announcement with mix of joy, fear
New Jersey Jewish News (Daniel Kurtzer)

Forbes (Susan Fiske)

Keith Simpson's Christmas Reading List
Iain Dale (Stephen Kotkin)

After Credibility
Foreign Affairs (by Keren Yarhi-Milo)

MedPage Today (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Trump's lawyers want second special counsel as Republicans turn up the heat on Mueller investigation
Los Angeles Times (Julian Zelizer)

For Family Values and Gun Control
The American Interest (Sara McLanahan)

Why American capitalism doesn’t work for all Americans, says Nobel winner Angus Deaton
MarketWatch (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

I Have to Ask: The Stephen Kotkin Edition
Slate (Stephen Kotkin)

Student switches programs to avoid sexually harassing professor whose punishment was 8 hours of ‘training’
The College Fix (Deborah Prentice)

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Make Their Case in Montgomery County
Bethesda Magazine (Benjamin Jealous)

Brian Fallow: How to beat the next property crash
New Zealand Herald (Atif Mian)

After Winning in Alabama, Can Democrats Take on Ted Cruz in Texas?
GQ (Nolan McCarty)

How to fill void in local news
Asbury Park Press (Paul Starr)

‘Man Flu’ and Giant Wine Glasses: The BMJ’s Christmas Issue
Discover Magazine (Eldar Shafir)

How Do Politicians Get Away With Cutting Taxes for the Rich?
The Nation (Susan Fiske)

President Trump claims the FBI is tainted and its reputation in tatters. This graph shows he’s wrong.
The Washington Post (Charles Cameron)

DACA Amnesty Chain Migration Would Exceed Four Years of U.S. Births
Breitbart (Marta Tienda)

The Tax Bill that Inequality Created
The New York Times (Martin Gilens)

Enigma of Evil
Mumbai Mirror (Stephen Kotkin)

Inter-state relations under complex interdependence
The Express Tribune (Robert Keohane)