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News Clips: Week of April 9 - 15

Apr 9, 2018

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly.

Judith Miller: Trump says ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Syria but his broader strategy is still hard to discern
Zloto News (Ryan Crocker)

Will Syria's Assad get the message? Ask Russia and Iran, say former US officials (Ryan Crocker)

US image at risk in Middle East after Syria bombings
FOX Business (Ryan Crocker)

Judith Miller: Trump States 'Mission Completed' in Syria but his Wider strategy is Difficult to discern
Independent Recorder (Ryan Crocker)

Top News: Judith Miller: Trump says 'Mission Achieved' in Syria however his broader technique continues to be onerous to discern
Standard Republic (Ryan Crocker)

Conference aims to promote positive outlook on the future of Middle East
YaleNews (Ryan Crocker)

Spokane Scholars Banquet set to honor area’s brightest students
The Spokesman-Review (Ryan Crocker)

Russian military police deploy in Syria's Douma: RIA agency
Dirty South Soccer (Ryan Crocker)

Deficits are rising. What's to blame? Does it even matter?
Vox (Alan Krueger)

Federal deficit to hit $1 trillion earlier than expected (Alan Krueger)

Why Not Taxes?
Seeking Alpha (Alan Krueger)

Why it's better to search for a job while you already have one
Erie News Now (Alan Krueger)

DEBATE: Will requiring estate agents to hold professional qualifications improve the property market?
City A.M. (Alan Krueger)

Trump Considers Military Options After Attack On Syrian Civilians
NPR (Ryan Crocker)

Neocons and liberal interventionists are back in the saddle again — though ‘nobody wants a big war’! (Ryan Crocker)

On institutions
Arkansas Times (Julian Zelizer)

Are Trillion-Dollar Deficits the New Norm?
Reason (Alan Krueger)

How the American economy conspires to keep wages down
The Guardian (Alan Krueger)

How much is an hour worth? The war over the minimum wage
The Guardian (Alan Krueger)

Donald Trump Relied on Michael Cohen to Weather the Storm. Now The President Is On His Own
TIME (Julian Zelizer)

How Trump Could Imperil His Presidency by Firing Mueller
Bloomberg Politics (Julian Zelizer)

Liar, leaker, slimeball -- those may be the nicer things Comey hears from Trumpites
CNN (by Julian Zelizer)

The hypocrisy of Trump's 'mission accomplished' boast about Syria
The New Yorker (Ryan Crocker)

Why economics and politics don't mix
WHYY (Alan Blinder)

There’s only so much time left to look for life on Mars before life arrives from Earth
GeekWire (Christopher Chyba)

Op-ed: Milwaukee Can Never Desegregate Under America's Oligarchy System
Milwaukee Independent (Martin Gilens)

Liar, leaker, slimeball -- those may be the nicer things Comey hears from Trumpites (by Julian Zelizer)

Trump Tells Russia: 'Get Ready' For U.S. Missiles Striking Syria
WPSU (Ryan Crocker)

Fewer TV ads, microtargeting: crowded race for Maryland governor candidates yields unusual strategies to win
The Baltimore Sun (Benjamin Jealous)

ICE Cold: How a Loyal Obama Bureaucrat Became the Face of Trump’s Deportation Force
Mother Jones (Douglas Massey)

Poll shows support for President Trump’s strategy on trade with China
Conservative News Daily (Alan Blinder)

How President Trump Could Imperil His Presidency by Firing Robert Mueller
Fortune (Julian Zelizer)

How OxyContin Kicked Off the Heroin Epidemic
Daily Beast (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Maryland Gubernatorial Forum Hosted by the Greater Baltimore Committee and Associated Black Charities Is Set for April 26
PR Newsire (Benjamin Jealous)

Democracy is dying in Hungary. The rest of the world should worry.
The Washington Post (Kim Lane Scheppele)

America’s villages are collapsing—so who’s raising the children?
Quartz (Eldar Shafir)

The Most Important Climate Treaty You’ve Never Heard Of
Inside Climate News (Michael Oppenheimer)

Paul Ryan, lame duck: What does the future hold for him?
Yahoo! (Nolan McCarty)

To infinity: Are trillion-dollar deficits going to be the new norm?
Tyler Morning Telegraph (Alan Krueger)

Genius-Grant Winner Betsy Levy Paluck Provides a Message of Hope
New Jersey Monthly (Betsy Levy Paluck)

Jewish Insider's Daily Kickoff: April 11, 2018
Haaretz (Daniel Kurtzer)

As the world watches Syria, don't forget about Yemen
NationofChange (Paul Starr)

Trump's 'Chain Migration' Fable (Marta Tienda)

Older Workers are Organizing to Fight Ageism on the Job (Susan Fiske)

Trump’s troops on the border: It’s bad political theater — and nothing to do with security
Salon (Douglas Massey)

Bow to the Hegemon — Dr. Kori Schake on a Peaceful Transition of Global Power
CIMSEC (Aaron Friedberg)

Md. Democratic gubernatorial primary campaign kicks into high gear
Washington Blade (Benjamin Jealous)

In ghost villages, a potential to restructure hill ecosystem
Hindustan Times (David Wilcove)

CPTPP and Leadership in the Global Trade System
The Diplomat (Christina Davis)

How The 1970s Explains Donald Trump
Texas Public Radio (Julian Zelizer)

Marcia Thompson, Prudent Promoter of the Arts, Dies at 94
The New York Times (Stanley Katz)

America's fragile economic boom
Financial Times (Alan Krueger)

Hungary, HuffPost and Europe's Survival
WND (Kim Lane Scheppele)

András Göllner: Europe crosses the Rubicon in Hungary
Hungarian Free Press (Kim Lane Scheppele)

6 Facts About Fake News In The 2016 Election
KERA News (Andrew Guess)

How the 19705 Explains Donald Trump
Texas Standard (Julian Zelizer)

Yes, Entitlements Are Driving the Long-Term Debt
Economics 21 (Alan Krueger)

Federal deficit to hit $1 trillion earlier than expected
CBS Money Watch (Alan Krueger)

Climate Change Denialists Say Polar Bears Are Fine. Scientists Are Pushing Back.
The New York Times (Michael Oppenheimer)

Trump’s tax cuts to strengthen economic growth, raise deficit ‘substantially’: CBO
FOX Business (Alan Blinder)

The ghettoization of black Americans hasn’t been reversed
The Washington Post (Douglas Massey)

So Trump Wants to Establish a Press Blacklist Database?
New American Journal (Julian Zelizer)

How Inequality Fueld the Euro Crisis
Project Syndicate (Atif Mian)

7 Psychological Biases You Need To Understand To Become A Stronger Person
Forbes (Emily Pronin)

Hungary, the Huffington Post, Christianity, and Islam
Townhall (Kim Lane Scheppele)

Yellen among economists who say don’t fix deficit problem with entitlement cuts
MarketWatch (Alan Krueger)

Former ambassador advocates continued U.S. leadership role
The Almanac (Ryan Crocker)

50 years later, has Trenton shed the scars of the MLK riots? (Alison Isenberg)

Former Clinton Economic Adviser: Trump may be the only one who thinks it's easy to win a trade war
MSNBC (Alan Blinder)