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News Clips: September 3-9

Sep 4, 2018

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, email, and we will add it promptly.

EuroTragedy (Ashoka Mody)

The midterms are a referendum on the Trump economy – but the GOP can’t count on a strong verdict
CNBC (Alan Blinder)

The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions
American Action Forum (Alan Blinder)

How to Build a Stronger Economy
strategy+business (Angus Deaton)

What Lehman Brothers' Failure Means Today
Project Syndicate (by Harold James)

Property Watch: New mortgage rules are making their mark on B.C. home buyers and sellers
BCBusiness (Atif Mian)

Commentary Open Forum: Do your part to increase competition
The Winchester Star (Alan Krueger)

Books to understand the realities of poverty (Kathryn Edin)

Charlotte Talks: Causes And Consequences In The Middle East With Ambassador Ryan Crocker
WFAE 90.7 (Ryan Crocker)

Steve Phillips: Meet the Mega-Wealthy ‘Marxist-Leninist’ Behind Four Potential Governors in November
The Epoch Times (Benjamin Jealous)

Beyond the Cyber Leviathan: White Hats and U.S. Cyber Defense
War on the Rocks (Ed Felten)

How China Went From a Business Opportunity to Enemy No. 1
Bloomberg (Aaron Friedberg)

Russia-gate as Symptom: The Crisis of American Community
TELOSscope (Robert Keohane)

Canada will be part of Trump’s new NAFTA – corporate lobbyists on both sides of the border will ensure it
WTOP (Andrew Moravcsik)

New Study Finds Police Militarization Fails to Enhance Safety or Reduce Crime
Davis Vanguard (Jonathan Mummolo)

China — from vast market to enemy No. 1
The Japan Times (Aaron Friedberg)

Obama Rebukes Trump in a Return to the Campaign Trail
Bloomberg (Julian Zelizer)

Harvard Is Vaulting Workers Into the Middle Class With High Pay. Can Anyone Else Follow Its Lead?
The New York Times (Alan Krueger)

American Democracy Can’t Fix Itself
The Atlantic (by Julian Zelizer)

Bursting people’s political bubbles could make them even more partisan
The Washington Post (Betsy Levy Paluck)

The ‘center of gravity has shifted’: How the Lehman collapse fueled Democrats’ shift to the left
CNBC (Nolan McCarty)

U.S. Adds 201,000 Jobs in August, Wages Unexpectedly Rise
Bloomberg (Alan Krueger)

How Tech Advances Education in the New Digital Classroom
Bloomberg (Alan Krueger)

Barack Obama is just what the Democrats need
CNN (by Julian Zelizer)

Where Has Barack Obama Been?
NPR (Julian Zelizer)

Is There A 'Soft Coup' Happening At The White House?
WBUR 90.9 (Julian Zelizer)

Survey: Americans would like more cooperation in politics and in their lives
The Conversation (by Marc Fleurbaey)

A new study shows the growing perils for academics researching China
Quartz (Rory Truex)

Why Woodward's book matters
CNN (Julian Zelizer)

Inaugural edition of the new 5X-week Future
Axios (Alan Krueger)

Economists Gear Up to Challenge the Monopolies
Bloomberg Opinion (Alan Krueger)

Non-compete clauses increasingly a liability for businesses
Washington Examiner (Alan Krueger)

Bringing world leaders together around competing visions of the global order
Penn Today (Aaron Friedberg)

Trade talks are 'borderline crazy', says former Fed vice chair Alan Binder
CNBC (Alan Blinder)

Lack of competition between employers contributes to weaker wages
The Sydney Morning Herald (Alan Krueger)

Brett Kavanaugh hearings are the start of something big
CNN (by Julian Zelizer)

Breakthroughs in the rule of law debates for Poland and Hungary are needed to evade a no-win scenario
Visegrad Insight (Kim Lane Scheppele)

Militarization of police has no effect on crime, but might harm reputation in community, study says (Jonathan Mummolo)

Views on how a few firms’ dominance affects market structure
The Indian Express (Alan Krueger)