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News Clips: July 2-8

Jul 5, 2018

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly.

A Brief Introduction to Trade Economics
The Wall Street Journal (by Alan Blinder)

Liberal states impose new individual mandate ahead of ObamaCare rollback
FOX News (Heather Howard)

Harvard-Harris Poll: Seven of 10 Registered Voters Want to Keep ICE
The New American (Julian Zelizer)

Surveillance: Labor Market Is Strong, Kevin Hassett Says
Bloomberg (Alan Krueger)

How The June Jobs Report Could Affect Your Finances
Forbes (Alan Blinder)

A new study finds that stress during pregnancy can lead to anxiety and depression in adulthood
Quartz (Janet Currie)

Read It and Reap: US political scene examined in books (Martin Gilens)

How Conservatives Won the Battle Over the Courts
The Atlantic (by Julian Zelizer)

Economy, elections, business & healthcare — what needs to be fixed for a modern South Asia
The Print (Atul Kohli)

Indian business disillusioned with Modi government, say experts
The Print (Atul Kohli)

White House’s Latest Hire Is More Bad News
Bloomberg (Charles Cameron)

If only GOP nominees hadn’t been so accepting of Roe v. Wade.
The American Spectator (Charles Cameron)

Barghouti Leads in Poll to Succeed Abbas
Hamodia (Salam Fayyad)

Is democracy dying in the American mind? Here's what a survey reveals
Business-Standard (by Marc Fleurbaey)

Facebook says privacy-setting bug affected as many as 14M
WHIOTV (Jonathan Mayer)

The African Econometric Society will host renowned economists in Benin Republic next week
Pulse Nigeria (Leonard Wantchekon)

Brexit rebellion, Seehofer style
Financial Times (Harold James)

Scott Pruitt embodied the Trump administration's ethical crisis
CNN (by Julian Zelizer)

The litmus test for a Supreme Court nominee
Vox (co-authored by Charles Cameron)

What Trump’s Trade War Is Really About
Bloomberg (Aaron Friedberg)

Europe’s Overly Complex Union
Project Syndicate (by Harold James)

How Smart TVs in Millions of U.S. Homes Track More Than What’s On Tonight
The New York Times (Jonathan Mayer)

Breakingviews - Hadas: The euro is not doomed
Reuters (Ashoka Mody)

Have the Americans lost the sense of democracy?
The Conversation (by Marc Fleurbaey)

Why the Apple II suddenly becomes important for nuclear disarmament
GIGA (Alexander Glaser)

Why Italy could be facing a disastrous new recession
Independent (by Ashoka Mody)

Arab Parliament to Request US to Remove Sudan from ‘Sponsors of Terrorism’ List
Asharq Al-awsat (Salam Fayyad)

"Al-Sharq Al-Awsat": Abbas Discusses the Creation of a Government Headed by Fayyad and Hamas
The Koz Times (Salam Fayyad)

Report: Abbas advancing Palestinian unity government (Salam Fayyad)

Abbas said seeking unity government with Hamas to counter US peace maneuvers
The Times of Israel (Salam Fayyad)

The Centrist Backlash to Abolishing ICE Is Here
Splinter (Julian Zelizer)

Is ‘Abolish ICE’ a Winning Midterm Message for Democrats?
New York Magazine (Julian Zelizer)

Abbas advancing Fayyad-led unity govt
Saudi Gazette (Salam Fayyad)

Report: Abbas in new push for unity government with Hamas
i24 News (Salam Fayyad)

Abbas Is Key Obstacle to Gaza Rehabilitation, Top Israeli Security Brass Warns
Haaretz (Salam Fayyad)

Report: Abbas seeks unity with Hamas to oppose Trump’s peace deal
World Israel News (Salam Fayyad)

Kotkin weighs in on geopolitical risks (Stephen Kotkin)

The Salam Fayyad hope phenomenon
The Jordan Times (Salam Fayyad)

Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman trolls Ripple’s XRP and Bitcoin Cash
BCFocus (Paul Krugman)

Former PM returns to the spotlight in Palestine
Al-Monitor (Salam Fayyad)

Western man is becoming obsolete
Arutz Sheva (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Princeton splashes six figures on capitalism and rising mortality rate probe
The Bookseller (Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

As Abolish ICE Movement Grows, Police in Louisville Tear Down Latest Protest Encampment
Common Dreams (Julian Zelizer)

Concern Mounts for SS7, Diameter Vulnerability
Infosecurity Magazine (Jonathan Mayer)

Why Shekhar Gupta is wrong on Modi’s foreign policy
The Print (Atul Kohli)

Is Military Service Patriotic? America Stands Divided
OZY (Julian Zelizer)

Some Democrats want to go to war over abolishing ICE. So does President Trump.
NBC News (Julian Zelizer)