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University Constitution Day Lecture with Desmond Jagmohan: “Constituting Justice: Ida B. Wells’s Anti-Lynching Campaign”

Sep 12, 2018 04:30PM to 06:30PM
Robertson Hall
Arthur Lewis Auditorium


Open to the Public
Desmond Jagmohan, Politics; Respondent: Hendrik Hartog, History and American Studies

Desmond Jagmohan is an assistant professor in the Department of Politics at Princeton University. He researches and teaches history of political theory, and he works primarily at the intersection of American political thought and race. He also has interests in property and citizenship, conquest and slavery, and the normative implications of historical methods. At the moment, he is completing his first book, titled Ethics of the Oppressed: Booker T. Washington’s Political Thought. His second project looks at the philosophical relationship between property and personhood in the context of 19th-century American slavery. In general, his work considers political ethics from the perspective of the oppressed. His work has been published in Perspectives on PoliticsPolitics, Groups, and Identities, and Contemporary Political Theory.

RespondentHendrik A. Hartog, Department of History