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Sovereignty Costs and Selective Delegation: China's Approach to Legalized Dispute Resolution in International Treaties

Nov 11, 2014 04:30PM to 06:00PM
Robertson Hall
Bowl 002
Open to the Public
Tao Jing - CWP Postdoctoral Fellow

Jing Tao (陶靖) specializes in Chinese foreign policy, international law and organization, and East Asian security. During the CWP fellowship period, she works on a book manuscript based on her dissertation entitled “Sovereignty Costs and Selective Delegation: China’s Approach to Legalized Dispute Resolution in International Treaties.” This project uses different types of “hard laws” with legalized dispute settlement mechanisms to examine the depth of China’s socialization in international legal regimes and the changes and continuities of China’s approach to state sovereignty. She holds double B.A. degrees in International Relations and Economics, an M.A. degree in International Relations from Peking University, and a Ph.D. degree in Political Science from Cornell University. She will be in residence at Princeton University and will hold office hours on Tuesday, 3-4 pm.

This talk is sponsored by the Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program of the Woodrow Wilson School whose mission is to encourage research on China’s foreign relations and China within the international relations context