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PRESS Open House with Daniel Nielson, BYU: Banking Bad: Design for a Field Experiment on Compliance with Global Standards in International Finance

Oct 9, 2018 04:30PM to 07:00PM
Corwin 127
Restricted to Princeton University
Daniel Nielson, Professor of Political Science, Brigham Young University
Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP); Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice; Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance; Department of Politics

Join PRESS at our beginning-of-the-year Open House for an experimental workshop followed by a catered dinner. PRESS (Princeton Research in Experimental Social Science), is open to faculty, research fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students in the social sciences at Princeton, and is dedicated to advancing experimental research in the social sciences at Princeton University. 


Open to Princeton students, faculty, and fellows working on experimental research design in the social sciences