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Politics Graduate Student Research Poster Session

Restricted to Princeton University

Sponsored by the Department of Politics, Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP), and Program for Quantitative and Analytical Political Science (Q-APS)

Quinn M. Albaugh and Harris Doshay: “The Better Angels of Our Nature” Reconsidered: A Finite Mixture Modelling Approach for Dual-Process Theories of Anti-Immigrant
Political Behavior

Meir Alkon and Erik H. Wang: Pollution and Regime Support: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Beijing

Clark Bernier:  Performance and Structure of Hierarchy in Organizations

John M. Chambers and Karis Yi: Leaders in Political Rhetoric: Media vs. Government

Munji Choi and Alexandra Mayorga: When do we want revenge?

Denis Cohen and Naoki Egami: Heterogeneity in Coalition-Directed Voting. How Extreme Voters Shape the Vote Calculus in Multiparty Democracies

Rebecca Johnson: Monetizing Disability: Do State-level Fiscal Incentives Shape Child Placement into Special Education?

Korhan Kocak, Daniel Tavana, Killian Clarke: Mechanisms of Diffusion in the Arab Spring

Asya Magazinnik and Sepehr Shahshahani: Strategic Abstention, Missing Data, and Ideal Point Estimation

Rachael McLellan and Sondre U. Solstad:  The Politics of Ethnic Inequality: The Long-Term Impacts of Artificial Borders and Initial Soil Inequality

Andrew Proctor and Tanika Raychaudhuri: Post-Racial America: Support for Racial Policies and the Absence
of Group Specific Theories?

Patrick Signoret and Cassandra Emmons: Crime Victimization, Political Participation, and Political Attitudes

Diana Stanescu and Audrye Wong: Chinese Aid and Civil Conflict in Africa

Hannah Waight: Informal Finance and Kinship Networks in Rural China