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CITP Conference: Ethics of Computer Science Research

May 5, 2017 09:00AM to 01:30PM
Frist Campus Center, Multi-Purpose Rooms B


Open to the Public
Computer scientists face thorny ethical questions in the course of everyday research: Could my new face detector be misused for racial profiling? Is my web crawler accidentally scooping up sensitive information about people? Inadequate attention to ethics risks undermining public trust; conversely, uncertainty about ethical norms and rules has a chilling effect on science.
This conference will bring together computer scientists and ethics scholars to tackle these questions, acknowledging that traditional research ethics may not easily translate to the new setting. Individual panels will consider ethics in subdisciplines such as data science and computer security, with major themes cutting across panels including how to teach ethics, how to engage with the public and other stakeholders about ethics in research, and what the research community can do to ensure that researchers act ethically.