E.g., 11/13/2018
E.g., 11/13/2018
Oct 10, 2018

After a charged confirmation process, Brett Kavanaugh now sits on the Supreme Court. What effects will this have on the Court, the American people and the midterm elections?

Oct 9, 2018

A partisan divide exists when it comes to the value of higher education, a gap that’s widened between 2010 and 2017. But why has higher education become such a controversial hot-button issue?

Oct 4, 2018

Questions abound regarding what impact the recently opened FBI investigation will have on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation process.

In this episode, Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang discuss Kavanaugh’s prior political career, recent testimony and prospects for confirmation with research journalist Marcy Wheeler.

Oct 3, 2018

Thirty-one undergraduate students from colleges and universities across the U.S.

Oct 2, 2018

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly.

Oct 2, 2018

The more people a city has and the more organized its residents' movement patterns, the longer its flu season is apt to last, new research co-authored by Princeton University researchers shows.

Oct 1, 2018

After 25 years at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Nathan Scovronick, associate dean for undergraduate education, will retire, effective Jan. 1, 2019.

Sep 26, 2018

Working-class citizens have been historically underrepresented in American politics.

In this episode, Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang discuss the influence of money in politics — both in terms of who rises to elected office and how those elected govern — with political scientist Nicholas Carnes.