Yukio Hatoyama: From The North Korean Nuclear Crisis to Shaping a New Cooperative Future for East Asia

Feb 8, 2018


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As head of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), Hatoyama led his opposition party in 2009 to a commanding victory over the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which had ruled Japan nearly continuously since 1955. He became the first prime minister from the DPJ and previously helped found the party, serving as its head from 1999 to 2002. Among Hatoyama’s achievements as prime minister, he oversaw increases in social spending and education, extended employment insurance to all workers, abolished public high school tuition fees, and introduced free welfare services and equipment for low-income persons with disabilities. After leaving office, Hatoyama continues to devote his considerable resources to the construction of an East Asian community, modeled on the European Union, which he argues is the most effective and sustainable way to keep the peace and promote more a more equitable prosperity in the region.