Emergency Preparedness in the Region - Pt 3

Apr 3, 2009
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Pt 3: Cooperation Issues - Among and Between Governments and with the Private SectorThe importance of networking, relationship building, maintaining open lines of communications, and understanding how to bridge gaps is critical for effective emergency preparedness. Furthermore, given the responsibilities and vulnerabilities in the private sector -- especially the protection of critical infrastructure -- it is critical that all segments of government and business be integrated in their planning and implementation procedures. This panel of experts will focus on the interplay among and between public sector entities, and with the business communities to coordinate efforts beyond jurisdictional boundaries to respond to a regional crisis. * MODERATOR: Michael J. Chumer, Professor & Director -- Emergency Management and Business Program, New Jersey Institute of Technology * Lori Hennon-Bell, Chief Security Officer, Prudential Insurance Company * MaryAnn Tierney, Deputy Managing Director for Emergency Management, City of Philadelphia * James Y. Cho, Director, Plan Management Unit, NYC Office of Emergency Management