Security Studies Cluster

This cluster is designed to prepare PhD students for rigorous, policy-relevant research on the major threats to international and national security in the 21st century and the relevant strategies, institutions, and capabilities that will be needed to confront those threats. Topics of study will include the grand strategies of the major powers; arms competitions; coercive diplomacy; terrorism; proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; rapid shifts in regional and global distributions of capabilities; insurgency, civil war, and regional political instability; military force composition and capability; civil-military relations; and innovations in military technologies (e.g. cyber-warfare capabilities, anti-satellite weapons, accurate ballistic missiles).

The Cluster combines social science training in international security and national defense policy, focused study of specific regions of the world, and exploration of the technical and scientific aspects of proliferation, weapons innovations, terrorist and counter-terrorist operations, and insurgency and counterinsurgency warfare.