Joint MPA/JD

Joint MPA/JD

The four-year, MPA/J.D. program enables students to combine the study of law and the study of public affairs.

The Woodrow Wilson School has formal joint degree arrangements with law schools at Columbia University, New York University and Stanford University. In addition, students have arranged joint degrees with law schools at the following universities: California at Berkeley, Georgetown, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Yale.

Students admitted into the joint degree program spend five semesters at the cooperating law school and three semesters at the Woodrow Wilson School, thereby reducing by two semesters the time required to earn the two degrees.

Enrollment in the joint program requires separate application and admission to each university, and the Woodrow Wilson School requires an essay setting forth the rationale for the joint MPA/J.D. as part of the School’s application.

In addition to the MPA/J.D., the School may also permit a limited number of candidates to pursue joint degrees in such disciplines as business or public health with the cooperation of other institutions.

Students interested in pursuing any joint degree must submit in writing an academic rationale for the program proposed at the time of application to the MPA program.

MPA/J.D. Requirements

  • Six core courses for all fields, plus two gateway courses for Fields I, II and III (Field IV has more requirements)
  • Full-time enrollment for three semesters, with the third semester in either the fall or spring term
  • Qualifying examinations (QE1 and QE2)
  • Approved summer internship between first and second years
  • A graduate policy workshop in the second year, only if the third semester of enrollment is in the fall term