Lecture Series

Scudder Plaza

During the fall semester, the JDP hosts a lecture series entitled “Dilemmas of Inequality.” These lively seminars draw broad participation from faculty and students in the JDP program as well as from the wider social science community. Lectures are in 300 Wallace Hall at 5:30 PM. Light refreshments are served.

FALL 2018

Homeward: Life in the Year After Prison
Bruce Western, Sociology, Columbia University
October 1

The Persistence of Bipartisan Policymaking in a Polarized Era
Frances Lee, Political Science, University of Maryland
October 8

Americans Vastly Overestimate Racial Economic Equality
Michael Kraus, Psychology, Yale University
October 15

Social Policies as a Driver of Health Behavior: Evidence from College Affirmative Action Bans
Atheendar Venkataramani, Economics, University of Pennsylvania
October 22

An Economic Perspective on Non-Marital Childbearing in the United States
Melissa Kearney, Economics, University of Maryland
November 5

Innovation, PracticcalKnowledge, and the Theory of Fields: How to Make Sense of Financial Innovation
Neil Fligstein, Sociology, University of California-Berkeley
November 12

The End of Official Color-Blindness and teh Rise of Anti-Anti-Racism in Latin America
Mara Loveman, Sociology, University of California-Berkeley
November 19

Victoria Plaut, Law & Social Science, University of California-Berkeley
December 3

Growing Displacement, Shrinking Resettlement: Refugee Trends in the 21st Century
Phillip Connor, PEW Research Center

December 10



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