Policy Workshop Reports

Policy workshop students


Fall 2018

WWS 591a - Guaranteed Income in Stockton, CA -- Martha Coven
​Report Title: "Guaranteed Income:  Implementation for Experiments and Policy at Scale"

WWS 591b - Gerrymandering -- Sam Wang
Report Title: "A Commissioner's Guide to Redistricting in Michigan"

WWS 591c - Diplomacy and Protracted Conflict -- Daniel Kurtzer
Report Title: "US Engagement in Libya:  Diplomacy in a Protracted Conflict"

WWS 591d - US Relations with North Korea -- Frank Von Hippel and Leon Sigal
Report Title: "Forging a Path Forward With North Korea:  Strategic Recommendations for the United States"

WWS 591e - Policy, Operational and Political Implementation Challenges of ACA -- Heather Howard and Daniel Meuse
​Report Title: "Increasing Enrollment in Health Insurance Among Young Adults in Washington State"

WWS 591f - Post-Conflict Reintegration -- Nealin Parker
​Report Title: "Rethinking Return:  Lessons from Colombia, Liberia, and Nigeria"

WWS 591g - Urban Informality -- Genie Birch
​Report Title: "Improving Urban Resilience in Ghana"