MPP Curriculum

MPP Students

The one-year Master in Public Policy (MPP) degree is designed for mid-career professionals who are rising leaders in international and domestic public policy. 

The residential program provides rigorous training in economic, behavioral and political analysis, including systematic qualitative as well as quantitative analysis.  The curriculum is quite flexible, and the course of study can be tailored to each student’s professional needs.

Typically about half of our MPP students come from countries outside the United States. Since its launch in 1997-98, the MPP degree program has provided a year of reflection and intellectual and personal growth for more than 300 rising leaders from the public and non-profit sectors.  MPP candidates come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. They have been drawn from the civil service, the diplomatic corps, the military, U.N. agencies, and the following sectors: healthcare, human services, human rights, humanitarian relief, international development, law, journalism, the arts, the environment, and national security. 

The program is appropriate for those who want to develop or refine their policy skills. It is best suited to those who have had sufficient professional experience that they know the aspects of public policy on which they wish to focus and have relatively clear conceptions of the analytical tools for policy analysis that they wish to acquire.

Some MPP candidates choose to organize their course of study around one of the School’s certificate programs in health and health policy (HHP), science, technology and environmental policy (STEP), or urban policy (UP).  

By convening a diverse group of extremely competent professionals and providing them the opportunity to reflect on their experiences, strengthen their analytical skills and expand their knowledge base, the MPP year leads to a sum greater than the individual parts. MPP graduates return to their careers with the intellectual breadth and self-confidence necessary to assume leadership positions in the policy world.

Applicants to the program should have seven or more years of relevant public service experience.

The MPP Program is a terminal degree designed for policy professionals.  It should not be viewed as a stepping-stone to a PhD program.