Student Involvement

Robertson Hall

WWS graduate students are deeply engaged in all aspects of the School, primarily through these organizations:  

Gender and Policy Network

Gender and Policy NetworkThe Gender and Policy Network (GPN) is led by WWS students. It was founded by students, faculty and alumni whose field experiences, research and careers convinced them that gender should be considered in the design, evaluation and implementation of policies.

The GPN’s goals are to deepen student understanding of gender as a variable in public policy; to develop personal and professional contacts for sharing information and guidance among students, staff, faculty and alumni; and to provide a forum for dialogue on contemporary issues about gender and policy.

To accomplish these goals, the network organizes a range of activities to foster discussion about gender and policy, including presentations by outside speakers, informal lunch discussions, career panels and documentary screenings. GPN works in partnership with a broad range of students, faculty, staff and centers.

Graduate Consulting Group

The Graduate Consulting Group (GCG) enables students to gain practical consulting experience and to apply their skills and expertise in the service of community-based organizations.

The group involves a wide range of graduate students in short-term consulting projects throughout the academic year. The student co-leaders determine the scope and intensity of the pro bono consulting services, both locally and internationally.

Journal of Public and International Affairs

JPIAThe Journal of Public and International Affairs (JPIA) is a joint publication of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) and the Woodrow Wilson School. It is a scholarly publication featuring the work of graduate students from schools of public and international affairs.

Founded in 1989, JPIA has provided a forum for students to present their research on significant policy issues. The journal and the comprehensive editorial review process provide an opportunity for professional exchange, collegial interaction and cooperation among policy school students. Each spring, students from WWS and many other APSIA and allied schools gather for a weekend in Princeton to review the many submissions and choose the papers for publication.

Students and Alumni of Color Symposium

The Students and Alumni of Color Symposium (SAOC) brings together students and alumni of the Woodrow Wilson School to promote racial diversity; establish productive mentoring relationships; discuss ideas relevant to the social, political and professional development of students of color; and support the social and political development of the wider community.

SAOC sponsors an annual weekend symposium for discussions, networking, sharing and strengthening the professional aspirations of students of color.

Woodrow Wilson Action Committee

The Woodrow Wilson Action Committee (WWAC) is the graduate student government body of the Woodrow Wilson School. It provides students a voice in the governance of the School and a formal channel of liaison between the student body and the faculty and administration.

Its members participate in twice-yearly meetings of the Master’s Program Committee, chaired by the faculty chair of the MPA program.

They also participate in the curriculum development process, in conjunction with the associate dean for graduate education.

In addition, WWAC members plan social activities and coordinate volunteer and community-service activities.


first. empowers, elevates, and amplifies the voices of Firsts — low-income and first-generation students and alumni— by providing a forum for first-generation and low-income students to find community and space at the Woodrow Wilson School to discuss issues important to them.

Students for Educational Equity and Inclusion (SEED)

SEED is a student-led initiative whose mission is to strengthen commitment to and action towards equity and justice throughout students’ interpersonal and educational experiences at the Woo.