The Woodrow Wilson School offers a one-year Master in Public Policy (MPP) degree for mid-career professionals who are rising leaders in international and domestic public policy.

This rigorous residential program is designed for mid-career professionals with seven or more years of public service experience in government agencies or nonprofit organizations in the United States and abroad.

The MPP program provides rigorous training in economic, behavioral and political analysis.

By convening a diverse group of extremely competent professionals and providing them the opportunity to reflect on their experiences, strengthen their analytical skills and expand their knowledge base, the MPP year leads to a sum greater than the individual parts. MPP candidates return to their careers with the intellectual breadth and self-confidence necessary to assume leadership positions in the policy world. 

MPP candidates come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds, and their courses of study at the Woodrow Wilson School reflect this diversity.

The program is extremely flexible and can be tailored to each student’s professional needs.

Applicants to the MPP for mid-career professionals must have a minimum of seven years of relevant public or nonprofit work experience. Mid-career professionals enrolled in the MPP program typically have had public-sector work experience ranging from 10 to 20 years.

The MPP Program is a terminal degree designed for policy professionals. It should not be viewed as a stepping stone to a PhD program.