Lecture Series

Scudder Plaza

During the fall semester, the JDP hosts a lecture series entitled “Dilemmas of Inequality.” These lively seminars draw broad participation from faculty and students in the JDP program as well as from the wider social science community. Lectures are in 300 Wallace Hall at 5:30 PM. Light refreshments are served.

FALL 2017

"Violent Crime as a Development Challenge"
Alberto Diaz-Cayeros, Political Science, Stanford University

September 18

"Justifying Prejudice: Ways We Deny Bias in Ourselves and Others"
Chris Crandall, Psychology, University of Kansas

September 25

"Implications of Zika Virus and Congenital Zika Syndrome on the Number of Births in Brazil"
Marcia Castro, Demography, Harvard University
October 2

"Was Trump a Meteor or Volcano? Racial Resentment, Anti-Immigrant Feeling, and Anti-Government Populism, 1988-2016"
Michael Hout, Sociology, New York University
October 9

"The Data-Driven Future of the Sociology of Science"
Aaron Clauset, Computer Science, Univeristy of Colorado
October 16

"The Influence of Campaign Contributions and Independent Expenditures in American Legislature"
Lynda Powell, Political Science, University of Rochester
October 23

Megan Spokas, Psychology, LaSalle University, Currently Visiting Associate Professor, Princeton University
November 13

"Peacekeeping, Policing, and teh Rule of Law in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Robert Blair, Political Science, Brown University
November 20

"Network Effects and Social Inequality: How do Mechanisms Matter?"
Filiz Garip, Sociology, Cornell University
November 27

"Mother's Employment Patterns and Consequences for Adolescent Outcomes"
Alexandra "Sasha" Killewald, Sociology, Harvard University
December 4

Emily Hannum, Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
December 11



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