Carles Boix
Carles Boix April, 2015 in The Politics of Advanced Capitalism, eds. Pablo Beramendi, Silja Hausermann, Herbert Kitschelt, Hanspeter Kriesi (New York, Cambridge University Press, 2015) Development Macroeconomics Domestic Politics Economics and Finance ...
Carles Boix
We reassess the literature of growth by looking at the evolution of the European economy from around 1200 to 1900. Employing a comprehensive dataset for the European continent that includes geographic and climate features (1200-1800), urbanization data ...
We investigate the role of dynamic production inputs and their associated adjustment costs in shaping the dispersion of static measures of capital misallocation within industries (and countries). Across nine data sets spanning 40 countries, we find that ...
Sir Angus Deaton
Angus Deaton February, 2014 in In 100 Years: Leading Economists Predict the Future, eds. Ignacio Palacios-Huerta (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2014) Development Macroeconomics Economics and Finance Download File External Link ...
Oleg Itskhoki
Benjamin Moll
We study optimal Ramsey policies in a standard growth model with financial frictions. In the model, heterogeneous entrepreneurs face borrowing constraints which result in a misallocation of capital and reduced labor productivity. In the short-run, the ...
Atul Kohli
When compared to Latin America, Asian economies since 1980 have grown faster and have done so with relatively modest inequalities. Why? A comparison of Asia and Latin America underlines the superiority of the nationalist capitalist model of development, ...
Atul Kohli
This volume brings together Atul Kohli's essays published over the last twenty-five years. They are organized in three sections, each section representing a distinct theme-political change; political economy; and politics and development in select ...