Social Protection and Labor Market Outcomes in South Africa

February 2013
With Cally Ardington, Till Bärnighausen, and Alicia Menendez; PU RPDS Working Paper #283

Many avenues have been explored to try to turn these statistics around.1 In this paper, we examine whether the arrival of a social grant – specifically a generous state old age pension given to men and women above prime age – enhances the employment prospects of rural households’ younger male adults—those aged 18 to 35 years old.2 We focus on young men in this paper, because women’s decisions on child bearing interact with both decisions made on tertiary education and employment. Almost half of all women in our data will have had a child prior to age 20 (Ardington, Menendez and Mutevedzi 2011). Modeling the interrelated choices young women must make is beyond the scope of the current paper