Evidence of query theory as tool to assist restrained eaters

January 2017
With Majd, S. American Journal of Health Behaviors. Volume 41, Number 1, January 2017, pp. 33-41(9)

Using theories from decision-making and behavioral economics, we conducted a study to improve understanding of the decisions of Restrained Eaters. We identified Restrained Eaters via the Revised Restraint Questionnaire. Methods: One hundred two (N = 102) participants were each randomly assigned to an endowment condition and asked to list their thoughts about 2 products. Results: We found a significant interaction of endowment and thoughts on decisions. Research findings suggest the behavior of Restrained Eaters depends upon both endowment and thoughts, and that they exert self-control beyond food decisions. Conclusions: This work suggests decisions Restrained Eaters make can be manipulated via endowment and how they are instructed to structure their thoughts