America, China, and the Struggle for World Order: Ideas, Traditions, Historical Legacies, and Global Visions

July 2015
Edited with Wang Jisi and Zhu Feng (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2015)

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This book brings together twelve scholars–-six Americans and six Chinese-–to explore the ways America and China think about international order. What are the traditions, historical experiences, and ideologies that each country brings to debates about how the rules and institutions of the global system should be organized? The book addresses this question by pairing American and Chinese scholars in each chapter on specific topics related to global order: sovereignty, collective security, resources and the environment, trade, alliances, and monetary and financial relations. The book offers a vivid portrait of how the two countries come to global affairs from richly diverse and divergent starting points, and, in turn, how these factors affect current global dialogues.