Namesort descending Title Office Phone Email
Sharples, Emily Assistant Director, Graduate Career Services 108 Robertson Hall 609-258-0980
Shawa, Tsering W. Lecturer of Public and International Affairs B7 Fine Hall 609-258-6804
Sheldon, Wendy Lecturer of Public Affairs 210 Robertson Hall
Silber, Linda Database Services Manager 003G Robertson Hall 609-258-7752
Silver, Lee M. Professor of Molecular Biology and Public Affairs, Emeritus Offsite
Silver, David Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Affairs 180 Julis Romo Rabinowitz 609-258-6917
Sinclair, Stacey Professor of Psychology and African American Studies; Woodrow Wilson School Associated Faculty 525 Peretsman-Scully Hall 609-258-9557
Slatas, Katherine Financial Reporting Analyst, Office of Financial Management 423A Robertson Hall 609-258-6806
Slaughter, Anne-Marie Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Emeritus Offsite 202-596-3372
Smith, Valerie Administrative Assistant, Office of Population Research (OPR) 201 Wallace Hall 609-258-5712
Somers, Kate Curator, Bernstein Gallery 004 Robertson Hall 609-497-2441
Srinivasan, Umesh Postdoctoral Research Associate, Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP) 406 Robertson Hall 609-258-2498
Starr, Paul Stuart Professor of Communications and Public Affairs; Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs 107 Wallace Hall 609-258-5974
Staszak, Sarah Associate Research Scholar 447 Robertson Hall 609-258-5533
Strauss, Steven Lecturer and John L. Weinberg/Goldman Sachs & Co. Visiting Professor 305 Robertson Hall 609-258-9663
Strolovitch, Dara Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies 303 Robertson Hall 609-258-8990
Suchenski, Daniel Assistant Director, Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program (CWP) 3-S-20 Green Hall 609-258-1642 dsuchens@Princeton.EDU
Sviatschi, Maria Mica Instructor of Economics and Public Affairs 128 JR Rabinowitz Building 609-258-4397
Tan, Yeling Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program (CWP) 3-S-18 Green Hall
Tauzer, Matthew Research Assistant, Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHW) 185COR JR Rabinowitz Building
Taylor, Linda J. Assistant Director of Administrative Services 421 Robertson Hall 609-258-4827
Thibeault, Sara Administrative Assistant to the President Emerita, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics 256 Carl C. Icahn Laboratory 609-258-3930
Tienda, Marta Maurice P. During Professor in Demographic Studies. Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs; Director, Program in Latino Studies 184 Wallace Hall 609-258-1753
Tilghman, Shirley President Emerita, Professor of Molecular Biology and Public Affairs 240 Carl C. Icahn Lab 609-258-2900
Toossi, Sina Senior Research Specialist, Program on Science and Global Security (SGS) 221 Nassau Street, Rm 208 609-258-5058