Namesort descending Title Office Phone Email
Calder, Kent E. Associate Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Emeritus Offsite
Cameron, Charles M Professor of Politics and Public Affairs 030 Corwin Hall 609-258-2757
Cameron, Blair Senior Research Specialist, Innovations for Successful Societies (ISS) 202 Bobst Hall 609-258-5369
Canes-Wrone, Brandice Vice Dean; Donald E. Stokes Professor of Public and International Affairs; Professor of Politics and Public Affairs; Director, Center for the Study of Democratic Politics 424 Robertson Hall 609-258-4810
Carpenito, Cara Faculty Assistant 185 Wallace Hall 609-258-2693
Carson, Purcell Documentary Film Specialist 217 Robertson Hall 609-258-9590
Case, Anne Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Economics and Public Affairs; Director, Research Program in Development Studies (RPDS) 129 Julis Romo Rabinowitz 609-258-2177
Catena, Kristin Research Specialist, Bendheim-Thoman Center for Research on Child Wellbeing (CRCW) 289 Wallace Hall 609-258-6977
Caughey, Devin Visiting Associate Research Scholar, Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP) 309 Robertson Hall 609-258-1861
Centeno, Miguel A. Musgrave Professor of Sociology; Professor of Sociology and International Affairs; Chair, Department of Sociology 114 Wallace Hall 609-258-4452
Chamberlin, Linda Special Collections Assistant, Donald E. Stokes Library 005 Wallace Hall 609-258-4848
Chen, Lily Yali Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program (CWP) 124 Corwin Hall 609-258-7183 yalichen@Princeton.EDU
Cheng, Tsung-Mei Health Policy Research Analyst 342 Wallace Hall 609-258-1456
Cheung, Julia Web Services Technical Support Specialist 003D Robertson Hall 609-258-9364
Ching, Valerie C.M. Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the Provost, Office of the Provost. 3 Nassau Street 609-258-3026
Chorniy, Anna Postdoctoral Research Associate, Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHW) 173 Julis Romo Rabinowitz 609-258-7084
Christensen, Thomas J. William P. Boswell Professor of World Politics of Peace and War; Co-Director, China and the World Program (CWP), Faculty Chair, MPP Program 119 Bendheim Hall 609-258-4850
Chyba, Christopher F. Professor of Astrophysical Sciences and International Affairs 218 Bendheim Hall 609-258-5633
Ciccone, Franco J. Maintenance Assistant, Business and Facilities Office 004D Robertson Hall 609-258-2414
Cleland, Kelly C. Research Specialist, Office of Population Research (OPR) 218 Wallace Hall 609-258-1395
Collins, Gilbert Director of Global Health Programs, Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHW) 186A Julis Romo Rabinowitz 609-258-8271
Collins, Liam Visiting Associate Professor 222 Bendheim Hall 609-258-4835
Coman, Alin I. Assistant Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs 529 Peretsman-Scully Hall 609-258-7465
Conoline, Justine Administrative Assistant, Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHW) 172 Julis Romo Rabinowitz 609-258-5566
Coven, Martha Lecturer and John L. Weinberg/Goldman Sachs & Co. Visiting Professor 316 Fisher Hall 609-258-4847