Alumni Profile

Janice Nittoli
Janice Nittoli
Former President, The Century Foundation
MPA, Class of 1985

Janice Nittoli is the sixth president of The Century Foundation (TCF), a progressive non-partisan think tank, founded in 1919 and initially funded by Edward Filene (and formerly named The Twentieth Century Fund). Its work today focuses on issues of equity and opportunity in the United States, and how American values can best be sustained and advanced in a world of more diffuse power. Janice became Century’s sixth president in August 2011.  In her two years at TCF, she has doubled the endowment through the sale of the townhouse headquarters, followed by successful relocation; overhauled budgeting and administrative staff and structure, added 15 new fellows; tightened focus of work; engaged professional management of the endowment; led creation of new brand identity; and recruited four new, nationally recognized trustees.

Janice came to Century from the Rockefeller Foundation, where she served as associate vice president and managing director since 2006 and provided leadership and strategic direction for the Rockefeller Foundation’s Campaign for American Workers, as well supervising junior program staff.  
Prior to joining the Rockefeller Foundation, she was a senior executive at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the nation’s largest private foundation dedicated to improving the lives of poor children, their families, and communities. 
Prior to her foundation work, she served as president of the National Center for Health Education, a national nonprofit that designs and disseminates school- and community-based health education programs. 
Janice also has served in several capacities in New York City government. She was assistant commissioner in the Department of Health, where she managed the health system for the city’s correctional facilities. In addition, she was a senior official in the city’s Human Resources Administration and at the Board of Education. 
Before these appointments, she worked on social policy issues for New York City Council President Carol Bellamy. She received a bachelor’s degree from Marymount Manhattan College and a master’s degree in public and international affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. 
She has published book chapters and articles on a variety of issues in human services and public policy and has taught graduate-level classes in research methods and public policy. She is active on several nonprofit boards dedicated to youth and community services.