WWS Reacts: Trump’s Tax Proposal

Oct 5, 2017
Published by: B. Rose Kelly
President Donald Trump released a nine-page outline of a tax plan last week, which included proposed tax cuts for corporations and individuals. While many details are missing from the plan, we discussed the proposed framework with esteemed economist Alan Blinder.  */ Link: http://bit.ly/2ylArTT

Politics & Polls #60: Are We Seeing the Watergate of Today?

Oct 3, 2017
Published by: Public Affairs
With special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, some have drawn comparisons between the Russia investigations and the Watergate scandal. How are the two events similar? In what ways do they differ? And is it too early to really link the two? */ Elizabeth Drew discusses her reporting of the Watergate scandal as it relates to today in this episode of Politics & Polls. Podcast here.

Catch Up with Politics & Polls!

Sep 27, 2017
Published by: Public Affairs
Recent episodes of the Politics & Polls podcast series hosted by professors Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang include: */ Episode #59: Is Free Speech Alive and Well on College Campuses? Episode #58: America's Political Storms Episode #57: The Heart of the American Right Episode #56: The Aftermath of Charlottesville

Princeton Profiles: Yusuf Dahl MPA '17, from Prison to Princeton

Aug 15, 2017
At age 18, Yusuf Dahl MPA '17 wasn’t heading off to college. He was on his way to prison.   Even on the day of his sentencing, though, Dahl was thinking ahead to how he could use his time in prison to prepare for a successful life on the outside. Eventually, he built a career and became involved in addressing the foreclosure crisis in his Milwaukee neighborhood.   Dahl’s experiences spurred him to come to Princeton to learn more about how to...