Politics & Polls #69: How the Media Covers Race

Dec 8, 2017
Published by: B. Rose Kelly
How the media covers race remains a palpable concern in today’s America. In this episode, award-winning journalist Tanzina Vega chats with Professors Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang about the many issues related to race and the media. Vega is speaker on issues of race, media and inequality in the United States as well as a Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton University and an Eisner Fellow at the Nation Institute. Her forthcoming book is...

Getting In:

Dec 7, 2017
Admissions Officers get asked all the time – “How do I get into your program/school?”  The short answer is we are looking for candidates who demonstrate a commitment to public service and an ability to learn what we teach.  Your application should showcase your professional and volunteer experiences, leadership, academic preparation, accomplishments, and strengths -- as they relate to a professional career in public service.  Therefore, we will...

2018 Application Countdown, Part 3 - The GRE Deadline

Dec 7, 2017
GRE Scores and the Dec. 15 Deadline WWS is flexible on the receipt of GRE scores for applicants who either retake the GRE or could not schedule the test before the Dec. 15 deadline. During the past 20 years, GRE testing has moved from paper- to computer-based administration, but not in all countries. The one constant is that it is difficult to control all of the externalities that affect taking the GRE, including: unforeseen professional travel...

2018 Application Countdown, Part 2 - Personal Statement

Dec 5, 2017
How to Build Momentum in a Personal Statement The personal statement must “smell authentic” meaning that it could never be possible to confuse it with any other applicant. To be compelling, your story must be told with humility while also highlighting your strengths and leadership. Begin your personal statement by telling your story of public service and your contributions to the public good. Define your passion for specific policy issues and...