2015 Application Countdown, Part 1 - Letters of Recommendation

Nov 19, 2014
Published by: WWS Admissions
The December 1 deadline to submit MPA, MPP and Ph.D. applications for Fall 2015 is quickly approaching. The admissions office will post short reminders of what applicants should include as they complete their applications. Check back for more reminders and tips. Letters of Recommendation By virtue of the small class sizes of the MPA, MPP, and Ph.D. cohorts, admission to each program is competitive—in crafting a diverse class each year, it...

What Counts As Relevant Work Experience?

Nov 17, 2014
Published by: WWS Admissions
Our Master’s degree students come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, primarily in the public and non-profit sectors. Post-graduate work experience can be obtained over time, beginning with summer employment, internship experience, volunteer experience, and professional experience after graduating from college.  While you are in college, be sure to seek out your institution’s career services office for internship opportunities during...

Me and Malala

Nov 11, 2014
This summer, I had the great privilege of working for one of the new Nobel Peace Prize 2014 winners, Malala Yousafzai. After previously working for the federal government, I decided that I wanted to gain experience working at a smaller NGO in the philanthropic sector focused on international development issues. So, when the opportunity presented itself to work with the Malala Fund, I jumped at the chance. The Malala Fund was founded in 2013, a...

Policy Memo Writing Tips

Oct 28, 2014
Published by: WWS Admissions
Applicants often ask us to provide some guidance in writing a policy memo.  Steve Frakt, WWS writing advisor, has been advising WWS undergraduate and graduate students for the past 17 years.  Steve meets with students one-on-one during his office hours to advise them on their various writing assignments.  Graduate students in our Masters in Public Affairs program are required to take a core course entitled "The Politics of Public Policy"  in...

Math Camp + Do-Si-Do = Welcome to the Woo

Oct 22, 2014
We all thought it was a joke, a mistake on the schedule that was code for something else. But when we walked into the dining room, we saw a band and an excited John Templeton, director of graduate admissions, and knew: we were seriously square dancing.  The Woodrow Wilson School’s MPA curriculum is very quantitative, so to ensure that all incoming MPA students are prepared for the mathematical rigor of the courses, the school sponsors three...

What Type of Career Can I Pursue with a Graduate Degree in Public Policy?

Oct 20, 2014
Published by: WWS Admissions
The type of career one can pursue upon completing a degree in public policy or international affairs is limitless - our graduates go on to pursue lifelong, rewarding careers in public service.  Some pursue careers domestically within federal, state, and local governments.   Others pursue careers abroad for the State Department, USAID, the UN, and non-governmental and non-profit organizations, and the lists goes on and on.  The best advice is to...

The Woodrow Wilson School Experience

Oct 9, 2014
Published by: Eric Wilkens
We asked recent Woodrow Wilson School graduate alumni about their time at Princeton and what they are doing now.
Sara Elsayed, MPA '16

No Limits

Oct 7, 2014
Published by: Sara Elsayed, MPA '16
I grew up in a small town in North Carolina as a first-generation American. I went to a public high school. My family was supportive and I was motivated. I did well, but I was sheltered. It had never occurred to me to consider a more prestigious or even out-of-state university.  I applied locally and went to a state school. It was a great experience and I received an extraordinary education.  But it was safe--a by-product of my sheltered small...

Getting In

Oct 6, 2014
Published by: WWS Admissions
Admissions Officers get asked all the time – “How do I get into your program/school?”  The short answer is we are looking for candidates who demonstrate a commitment to public service and an ability to learn what we teach.  Your application should showcase your professional and volunteer experiences, leadership, academic preparation, accomplishments, and strengths -- as they relate to a professional career in public service.  Therefore, we will...
Renato Rocha, MPA '16

A Full-Circle Experience

Oct 3, 2014
Published by: Renato Rocha, MPA '16
During the summer of 2010 I had the opportunity to participate in Princeton’s Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Junior Summer Institute. The PPIA program looks for applicants from various backgrounds interested in public policy. The fellowship provides students with round-trip transportation, room and board, and a summer stipend. When I was applying to PPIA, I knew I was interested in pursuing a career in public service. However, I...