Application Pro Tip - Policy Memo

Nov 9, 2018
Applicants ask us all the time to give guidance on our request for a policy memo as a part of the application. This blog serves to do just that. In short, take it one step at a time. Yes, we read them. Yes, we look to see if they’re logical. Yes, we notice spelling and grammar mistakes. Yes, we can tell when the memo is a recycled term paper. Yes, we know when they’re too long. Yes, it’s obvious when something is copy-pasted from somewhere else...

Application Pro Tip - Reapplication

Nov 8, 2018
We welcome reapplications to the Woodrow Wilson School. We want people in our cohorts who want to be in our cohorts, and certainly one way of demonstrating this interest in our School is to reapply. If you have applied before, and should you choose to reapply to the Woodrow Wilson School, please consider the following: - Do not send the exact same application! This is the surest way to ensure the same result. While it may be appropriate to re-...

U.S. Election on Tuesday, November 6: VOTE!

Nov 5, 2018
For those in the United States, Tuesday is Election Day. Whatever your political affiliation, please remember to exercise your civic duty and vote. For deeper analysis of the U.S. election as well as regular reflection on the latest political hot topics, check out the Wilson School’s Politics and Polls podcast, aka the WooCast. The weekly podcast offers political insights from our very own Princeton faculty members Professor Julian Zelizer and...

Continuing the countdown to our December 1 application deadline with an opinion piece from the Executive Director of APSIA, an organization of professional schools of international affairs - WWS is an active participating member!

Nov 2, 2018
We are finishing up a trip to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana in the United States, and will be on the road again next week for the APSIA fairs in Madrid (Nov. 6), Paris (Nov. 7), and London (Nov. 8). To our European colleagues and interested applicants, we look forward to seeing you and to meeting you, and to discussing the three graduate degree programs at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School. We’re highlighting this article on the...

Countdown to our application deadline - December 1, 2018! Are You Well-Positioned for Graduate Study at the Woodrow Wilson School?

Nov 1, 2018
T-minus one month until our Fall 2018 application deadline: December 1, 2018. We have enjoyed meeting many of you on the road, and have likewise delighted in engagement with interested applicants through our online platforms and calls to our admissions team. Thank you for your interest in our degree programs.  The Woodrow Wilson School strives to be a diverse and inclusive community. We admit students from all walks of life and from a variety of...

Honoring Princeton Alumni Weekly’s Tiger of the Week – MPA alum Kathy Roth-Douquet and her work to help military families connect, overcome challenges

Oct 31, 2018
This blog is reposted from Princeton Alumni Weekly. In this alumni spotlight, we at the Woodrow Wilson School are proud of Kathy Roth-Douquet, an MPA alum, for her work to make a difference. Bravo, Kathy! Our admissions process seeks to identify individuals committed to public service. For one such story, please see the article about Kathy's work and the influence her MPA from the WWS played, especially regarding how she approaches solving...

Final Reminder--Future Public Policy Leaders: Princeton JSI Participants Reflect on a Summer of Community and Learning

Oct 29, 2018
Final reminder to all college juniors—our 2019 Public Policy and International Affairs Junior Summer Institute has a November 1, 2018 deadline. Please make sure to get your application in on time. Additional information on where to find the application as well as some reflections from four 2018 participants can be found in the article below by Sarah Binder, Office of Public Affairs and Communications, which ran earlier in October. ** Thirty-one...

In the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity - an interview with Dean Cecilia Elena Rouse

Oct 25, 2018
What’s unique about the Woodrow Wilson School’s approach to policy? Our distinctive multidisciplinary course of study strikes a balance between theory and practice. Eighty-five full-time faculty members teach at the School, almost all of whom have dual appointments with other departments. Approximately 45 visiting professors, lecturers and practitioners from the world of public and international affairs also teach at the School. Our faculty...

Application Pro Tip - Personal Statement

Oct 18, 2018
We ask for your personal statement to be approximately two to four pages in length - the prompt is reproduced below. This does not mean it must be four pages. If you can address what we ask in two or three pages, do it. There is no need to ramble on or regurgitate what is already stated simply to reach a personal statement length of four pages. Be brief. Be brilliant. Be yourself. (But in four pages or less!) “Your personal statement should...

Join us! WWS Graduate Admissions Open House (Nov. 12)

Oct 16, 2018
You are invited to our Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (WWS) Graduate Admissions Open House. This half-day event will introduce prospective students to our graduate degree programs. WWS administrators and students will discuss our academic programs and curriculum, student life, career services, admissions requirements, and robust financial aid. We hope you will join us. WWS Graduate Admissions Open House Monday,...