WWS Reacts: How Facebook Influenced the US Presidential Election

Nov 22, 2016
Published by: B. Rose Kelly
Facebook — which has been raked over the coals for allowing the dissemination of fake news stories about the 2016 election — is now taking a hard and careful look at what role it may have played among American voters. Some say the election results illustrate a social media “echo chamber,” in which users gather news and information primarily from friends with shared interests. What are the effects of these echo chambers and silos? Are there ways...

Politics & Polls #21: Asymmetric Politics

Nov 18, 2016
Published by: Public Affairs
Political polarization is the worst it’s been since the Civil War, some experts argue. How did we get here? How have America’s ideologies shifted so much in the past four decades? What forces underlie the growing divide between Republicans and Democrats? And how has social media and varying sources of information widened the gap? */ In episode 21, professors Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang discuss party polarization with Matt Grossman and David...

WWS Reacts: What a Trump Presidency Really Means for the Affordable Care Act

Nov 16, 2016
During the campaign, President-Elect Donald Trump said he would repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a system that covers 20 million people who were previously uninsured. Now, Trump says he’ll hold on to certain ACA provisions, such as providing care for those with pre-existing conditions. Regardless of what’s being said about the ACA (also known as Obamacare), there are likely to be changes, according to Princeton’s top health care experts. In...

Join Us for Post-Election Events!

Nov 11, 2016
Published by: Public Affairs
The Woodrow Wilson School is hosting a series of "Up to the Minute" events to debrief the election results and discuss the country's path forward. Each event will be livestreamed on our YouTube Channel.   We encourage prospective students to join the conversation on Twitter and submit questions for our speakers using #WooLection16.   November 14: Post-Election Impact on Inequality, Discrimination and Well-Being November 17: Election 2016 Debrief...

Politics & Polls #20: What Just Happened?

Nov 10, 2016
Published by: Public Affairs
In a stunning upset, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States. Professors Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang react to the results in episode #20, their first post-election recording. Among a host of issues, they discuss why the polls might have been off and what a Trump presidency means to the nation and the history of democracy. Podcast Here */

Politics & Polls #19: Looking Ahead to Election Day

Nov 8, 2016
*/ In their last episode before the election, professors Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang look ahead to election day 2016. Among other issues, they discuss what the results will do to the GOP, which states Wang in particular will be watching on election night (hint: it’s not what you’d think), how the Senate races might turn out and if this particular election may shape political discourse in 2020 and beyond. Podcast Here

Politics & Polls #17: Art & Politics Featuring Robert Schenkkan

Oct 31, 2016
Published by: Public Affairs
Who knew that the discharge petition—signed by members of the House of Representatives to bring a bill from committee to the floor—could be good material for a Tony Award-winning play and HBO feature film? In this episode, Professors Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang interview Robert Schenkkan whose play “All the Way” about Lyndon B. Johnson has been brought from the stage to the screen. “All the Way” is a play and film depicting LBJ’s efforts to...

Q&A with Tilghman: Inside the Presidential Debates

Oct 28, 2016
Wednesday's face-off between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump marked the third and final presidential debate of the 2016 campaign. Those debates, which gave tens of millions of Americans the opportunity to see the top two candidates discuss key campaign topics, were organized and conducted by the independent, nonprofit Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). Shirley M. Tilghman, president of the University, emeritus, and professor of molecular...

Politics & Polls #16: Voter 'Fraud' & 'Rigged' Elections

Oct 26, 2016
Published by: Public Affairs
Donald Trump has made it clear that if he loses on Nov. 8, it is because the election was “rigged.” He has warned that there might be widespread voter fraud that will favor Democrats. But does this threat have any basis in reality? Or is the real threat new voter identification laws that have the potential to disenfranchise significant portions of the population? And why, after a century of working to expand the right to vote, have we seen the...

The Next Four Years: Race and Inequality

Oct 24, 2016
The next president will face a range of challenges related to race and inequality, from poverty and tensions with police to the Black Lives Matter movement, civil rights, incarceration and gender equity. In the sixth installment of a Q&A series on important issues the next president will need to address, Princeton University professors Imani Perry and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor examine challenges related to race. Full Story