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What is a master's degree in public and international affairs?

Aug 5, 2014
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WWS Admissions
Robertson Hall

MPA. MPP. MPA (again). MPH. So what exactly is a master's degree in public and international affairs? Put simply, it is a course of study that will prepare you to think critically, to analyze and solve policy problems and to become an impactful leader for the public good. Flexible programs allow you to tailor a curriculum to your interests and sometimes even earn a joint degree in another discipline.

While programs will vary by institution, there are similarities across most public and international affairs programs. In the link below, we've prepared a document that will provide a glimpse of the typical coursework, career paths and general information related to this degree. We hope that you find it helpful as you begin (or continue) your exploration of a graduate program--and, eventually, a career--in public and international affairs!

Public and International Affairs Degree Awareness


June 17, 2017
@ 5:11pm
Please I'd like to know if there's a difference between a Masters degree in International Relations and a Masters degree in Public and International Affairs.
Martha jonah
July 20, 2017
@ 5:50pm
I want to know all about the course
Amit Harle
November 7, 2017
@ 10:55am
I am undergraduate Indian student interested in public and International affairs Program

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