Mar 5, 2019
Graduate Admissions Office
We know the wait from our December 1, 2018 application deadline to our March 15, 2019 admission decision release date is very long. Thank you for your patience. In the interim, we will not be able to provide additional information via phone or email; please sit tight for just a bit longer. Your admission decision will come via email from The Graduate School on or around March 15. Depending on the file, there may be up to 10 different individuals...
Nov 25, 2018
Graduate Admissions Office
“We all come from somewhere and it shapes us - both in who we become and what we value. Tell us your story and what shaped you.” At the Woodrow Wilson School, we take community very seriously. With such small cohorts – about 70 MPAs and 20 MPPs and 6-8 PhDs per year – people don’t get lost in the crowd here. Rather, we come to know each other quite well – much deeper than simple pleasantries and passings in the hallways. Whether it’s salsa...
Nov 9, 2018
Graduate Admissions Office
Applicants ask us all the time to give guidance on our request for a policy memo as a part of the application. This blog serves to do just that. In short, take it one step at a time. Yes, we read them. Yes, we look to see if they’re logical. Yes, we notice spelling and grammar mistakes. Yes, we can tell when the memo is a recycled term paper. Yes, we know when they’re too long. Yes, it’s obvious when something is copy-pasted from somewhere else...
Nov 1, 2018
Graduate Admissions Office
T-minus one month until our Fall 2018 application deadline: December 1, 2018. We have enjoyed meeting many of you on the road, and have likewise delighted in engagement with interested applicants through our online platforms and calls to our admissions team. Thank you for your interest in our degree programs.  The Woodrow Wilson School strives to be a diverse and inclusive community. We admit students from all walks of life and from a variety of...
Oct 29, 2018
Graduate Admissions Office
Final reminder to all college juniors—our 2019 Public Policy and International Affairs Junior Summer Institute has a November 1, 2018 deadline. Please make sure to get your application in on time. Additional information on where to find the application as well as some reflections from four 2018 participants can be found in the article below by Sarah Binder, Office of Public Affairs and Communications, which ran earlier in October. ** Thirty-one...
Jun 26, 2018
Steven Petric MPP '17
Greetings from Princeton. Each year, the Woodrow Wilson School (WWS) plays host to countless speakers, conferences and events. And while our summer programming is - by comparison - slower, we still work hard to keep educating the next generation of policy leaders. One of our flagship programs, the Junior Summer Institute (JSI), has just welcomed its 32nd cohort to campus. Since 1985, save one year, the WWS has hosted a JSI as part of its proud...