Student Bios

William Willoughby
III - Domestic Policy
University of Georgia, 2013
History, B.A.
Savannah, Georgia
William was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. He attended the University of Georgia where he worked on the university radio news show and earned his B.A. in history and a minor in music performing cello. After graduating, he started his career as an education policy analyst at the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget focused on early childhood and postsecondary education. His other work includes research with Emory University on evaluating programs designed to improve school climate in elementary schools and as a consultant to Georgia and Kentucky on finance and policy regarding their foster care systems. William spent the summer prior to attending Princeton exploring national parks and wilderness preserves of the western United States. After WWS, William intends to work with governments or public sector organizations in program evaluation or public budgeting, particularly in the fields of education or, more broadly, social policy.
Audrye Wong
Princeton University, 2013
Public and International Affairs, AB
Singapore, Singapore
Audrye Wong is a Ph.D. candidate in security studies at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School, and a National Science Foundation graduate research fellow. Her research has also been funded by the Smith Richardson Foundation, the Tobin Project, and the Bradley Foundation. Audrye’s dissertation examines China’s strategies of economic statecraft and patterns of effectiveness across different target countries. Her other projects look at the role of subnational actors in China’s foreign policy and asymmetrical alliance relationships, with a focus on East and Southeast Asia, where she has done extensive field research. Previously, Audrye was a Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, researching U.S.-China security interactions and crisis management. She earned her A.B. in public and international affairs at Princeton University, with a minor in translation and intercultural communication.
Yujing Yang
II - International Development
Shanghai International Studies University, 2009
International Politics, LLB
Chongqing, China
Yang grew up in Chongqing, an inland city in southwest China, where people feed on chili peppers. Influenced by her family members in public service, Yang took special interest in politics and received a bachelor’s degree of law from Shanghai International Studies University where she learned about world politics in an idealist manner. To put the theories to test, Yang returned to her home city and started a five-year relationship with the U.K. Foreign Office, picturing herself in West Wing-style scenes. She didn’t get to indulge in her fantasies for long. Exposed extensively to real-world public policy making in two governments, she witnessed how little an “agreement” can deliver and how much a whimsical idea costs. She was not disheartened after all. Trying out different roles, from press officer to science and technology officer to climate change and energy officer, Yang discovered the environmental and energy policy field was a place where she could not only insatiate her intellectual curiosity, but also continue her quest for inspiring-yet-practical solutions to one of the biggest global policy challenges: climate change. Yang hopes to pair the training she receives at WWS with her past experience to guide her future journey in the policy realm, where uncertainties and false hopes are never out of print.
Álvaro Zapatel Malpartida
IV - Economics and Public Policy
Boston College, 2011
Economics, B.A.
Lima, Peru
Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Álvaro earned a B.A. in economics and a minor in international studies from Boston College. Since graduation, he has worked as an economist, public servant, university professor and journalist. Accordingly, his passion for public service led him to actively participate in Peruvian politics. In 2009, Álvaro co-founded an NGO focused on vulnerable teenagers’ social-emotional development. Realizing the impact of working in policy and politics, in 2012 he began to work first at the private sector as a journalist at Semana Económica, a Peruvian business and economics magazine, and as a strategic planning consultant at APOYO Consultoría’s Public Administration Practice. Later, Álvaro ran for mayor, becoming the youngest candidate in his district’s history, and with that experience, in 2016 his party appointed him as the presidential campaign manager for Lima. After running for office, he started to work at the Ministry of Education of Peru leading projects to improve public schools’ management. In parallel, he also taught courses in economics and communications at the University of Lima. Álvaro plans to work in public service and international development after graduation. He expects that the MPA program will help him to expand his knowledge about public policy and merge it with his experience in politics. Álvaro enjoys to cook, read a good book, go running, and play and watch soccer.
Zachary Zappone
III - Domestic Policy
Georgetown University, 2013
American Studies, B.A.
Spokane, Washington
Zack was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. He attended Georgetown University where he majored in American studies and developed an interest in educational inequality. He worked with high-poverty communities in Washington, D.C, and Sacramento, California, before moving back to eastern Washington to be a middle school teacher where he created several civic engagement programs for students. Prior to starting at the Woo, Zack was a Fulbright English teaching assistant in Colombia. He is an avid fan of young adult fiction and enjoys traveling, hiking and bowling.
Mitik Zegeye
II - International Development
College of Wooster, 2014
International Relations, B.A.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mitik is from the Horn of Africa nation of Ethiopia and grew up in Addis Ababa, its capital city. She holds a B.A. in international relations from the College of Wooster in Ohio. While at Wooster, she engaged in various research, internship and fellowship opportunities, one of which was taking part in the Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) fellowship program. As a PPIA fellow, Mitik spent the summer of 2013 at the Woodrow Wilson School’s Junior Summer Institute where she was exposed to concepts related to public policy analysis. Upon graduation from Wooster, she completed an internship at the U.N. International Fund for Agricultural Development following which she returned home to work for the Ethiopian federal government at the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA). Through her work at ATA, Mitik engaged in strategy development and program design across the agricultural value chain. She also developed a newfound appreciation for coffee and teff, both of which originate from Ethiopia. Mitik hopes to continue working on agricultural development and climate change issues after WWS. She spent the summer before grad school traveling within Ethiopia.
David Zikusoka
I - International Relations
Harvard University, 2006
History, A.B.
Princeton Junction, New Jersey
Dave hails from Princeton Junction, New Jersey, an unincorporated community largely known for being a train stop on the way to Princeton. He is currently a Battlespace Awareness Portfolio Analysis contractor with the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). He previously worked at OSD as a political appointee in the roles of special assistant for Battlespace Awareness and special assistant for Global Force Planning. Prior to his Pentagon experience, Dave worked for Vice President Joe Biden as his senior advisor for Weapons of Mass Destruction and Non-proliferation and, earlier, as special assistant to the national security advisor to the vice president. During his time in government, Dave has worked on everything from space warfare and Guantanamo transfers to basing agreements and artificial intelligence. He graduated from Harvard University in 2006 with an A.B. in History. In his free-time, he pretends at being a D.J., music blogger, chef, and cyclist.