Student Bios

Owen Minott
III - Domestic Policy
Bates College, 2014
Politics, B.A.
Needham, Massachusetts
Owen grew up in the Boston area before attending Bates College in Maine, where he graduated in 2014 with a major in politics. After school, he was awarded a Fulbright grant to teach English at a university in Rio de Janeiro. He then moved to D.C. to accept a position as a policy analyst at National Journal, where he covered congressional legislation, elections and technology. With an MPA from Princeton, Owen plans to pursue a career in public policy and communications for progressive causes. His interests also include news media and LGBT issues. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and outdoor recreation.
Mayank Misra
West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, 2007; Princeton University, 2014
Law, B.A./LLB (Hons); Public and International Affairs, MPA
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Mayank works on complex adaptive systems and his research interests lie at the intersection of human collective behavior, ecosystems, and climate change. At the Levin Lab, Mayank studies the socio-ecological and co-evolutionary dynamics of integrating different human populations on their organizational structures and native ecosystems. He uses a mix of theoretical models and empirical research to investigate human adaptability to risk across organizational and temporal scales. His research currently focuses on the interaction between indigenous populations, formal States, and markets. Prior to his time at Princeton, Mayank was a constitutional and civil rights lawyer at the Supreme Court of India. He drafted federal laws relating to food security, sectarian violence, and the prevention of sexual offences against minors. He also drafted the Indian Bar Council’s code of ethics for legal professionals. Mayank completed a Master in Public Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School in 2014. He was a Wertheim scholar at the New York Public Library, and consultant for the Open Society foundations before returning to Princeton as a Ph.D. student.
Leyla Mocan
IV - Economics and Public Policy
University of Pennsylvania, 2014
Statistics, BSE
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Leyla was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and spent her high school years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Most recently, she served as the special adviser for the Office of Economic Policy at the U.S. Treasury Department until January 2017. While there, Leyla helped the office manage a policy portfolio covering all domestic U.S. economic issues. She worked on a variety of topics, including housing, infrastructure, economic security, student loans and generally monitoring the macroeconomy. Prior to joining the Obama Administration at the Treasury Department, Leyla worked at the Federal Reserve Board in the Global Financial Institutions section of the International Finance Division. She earned her B.S. in economics with a concentration in statistics and minor in mathematics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.
Erik Morinaga
I - International Relations
University of Pennsylvania, 2016
Political Science, B.A.
Kaneohe, Hawaii
Erik grew up on the island of Oahu, enjoying his time at the beach or on a mountain. He enlisted in the Marine Corps as an infantry rifleman and did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After six years of active service, he studied at Windward Community College and the University of Pennsylvania, while spending his summers wild land firefighting in Wyoming. This past summer, he worked at a marina and completed his dive master training.
Andrew Moyseowicz
IV - Economics and Public Policy
Emmanuel College, 2011
History/Political Science, B.A.
Alexandria, Virginia
Andrew was raised in a military family and lived in California, Hawaii, Virginia and Italy before graduating from high school in Brussels, Belgium. He attended Emmanuel College in Boston where he received a degree in political science and history and was an intern for U.S. Senator John Kerry and U.S. Representative Katherine Clark. Upon graduating, he joined AmeriCorps VISTA for two years, where he worked to develop program capacity in Boston-area homeless shelters. After moving to Washington, D.C., Andrew became a federal civil servant at the U.S. Department of Commerce, where he was an industry and trade policy analyst for the U.S. manufacturing sector. He has traveled in over 35 countries across five continents and enjoys weight lifting, writing and playing music. After graduating from WWS, Andrew hopes to return to government service while pursuing his goal of earning a dollar in all fifty states as a street performer.
Taylor Nelson
III - Domestic Policy
University of Michigan, 2011
English, B.A.
Troy, Michigan
Taylor, a native of Troy, Michigan, grew up just north of Detroit. After graduating from the University of Michigan, she worked in the education field spending two years as a Teach For America corps member in Decatur, Georgia, and one year teaching English as a second language in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Most recently, Taylor served as executive programs coordinator for the City of Detroit’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, focusing on integrating refugees into Detroit and connecting immigrant communities to municipal and community resources. After obtaining her MPA, Taylor hopes to return to Detroit and support both native and foreign-born residents by increasing their access to economic and workforce development opportunities. When not re-acclimating herself to the world of academia, Taylor enjoys exploring new places, speaking French, reading millennial think pieces and reminding people that Detroit never left.
Olubunmi Otegbade
IV - Economics and Public Policy
Baylor University, 2006
Electrical & Computer Engineering, BSE
Lagos, Nigeria
Bunmi is building a workforce-for-the-future in Africa. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, he co-founded Generation Enterprise, a non-profit reducing unemployment and poverty by providing transferrable skills and career pathways for youth through an AI-enabled skills education tool in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. He helps advance Government participation in the African technology ecosystem through, which funded over 80 impressive civic tech startups, and featured Mark Zuckerberg. He is an investor in food, healthcare, and energy startups, and serves as a policy advisor to Lagos State Government in TVET. Prior to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Bunmi was a management consultant advising Africa’s biggest companies in manufacturing, telecoms, and banking across Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, and South Africa. Upon graduation, he plans to continue working in the development space, particularly in the deployment of social and public investments.
Alexander Pachman
IV - Economics and Public Policy
Indiana University-Bloomington, 2012
Finance, B.S.
Weston, Connecticut
Alexander began his career working as an equity research analyst for Barclays in New York City. After three years of building financial models and authoring company research reports, he decided it was time to make a positive impact on the world. He left his job in finance and joined the Peace Corps, where he lived and worked in Macedonia for 27 months. Alexander’s work focused on local economic and community development initiatives. Following his studies at the WWS, he hopes to contribute to the reduction of global inequality in a role that combines his passion for international development and economic markets. In his free time, Alexander enjoys meditating, reading, hiking and cheering on the New York Giants.
Eric Parolin
IV - Economics and Public Policy
Boston College, 2013
Economics/Mathematics, B.A.
Amherst, New Hampshire
Born and raised in New Hampshire, Eric moved to Boston to attend Boston College where he majored in both economics and mathematics. Influenced by the financial crises during his time at BC, he left for Washington, D.C., after graduating to work at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in the Office of Financial Stability Policy and Research. While at the Fed, he researched the use of credit derivatives, worked to analyze the CCAR bank stress test submissions, and helped produce financial stability analysis to the Board of Governors. Eric continued on to the U.S. Department of the Treasury in the Office of Financial Research, where he worked to assess financial stability, including the construction of a public, quantitative tool to assess financial system vulnerabilities. At the Woodrow Wilson School, he hopes to supplement his professional experience with practical training in policy administration to pursue a career in addressing domestic inequality and promoting economic development. In his free time, Eric enjoys playing volleyball and basketball, learning to cook, and reading science fiction.
Newby Parton
III - Domestic Policy
Princeton University, 2018
Public & International Affairs, A.B.
McMinnville, Tennessee
Born and raised in the rural Appalachian region of Tennessee, Newby completed his undergraduate education at Princeton University, where he was a co-recipient of the 2018 Pyne Prize, the highest general distinction conferred on an undergraduate. One of the Wilson School’s SINSI fellows, he has worked in the Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section of the Department of Justice and plans to return to the Department for the field component of his fellowship. Newby’s undergraduate research, which focused on criminal justice reform and judicial independence, has inspired him to pursue a career in civil rights law with the intent of entering the judiciary.
Liqun Peng
Beijing Forestry University, 2013; Tsinghua University, 2016
Forestry, BAg; Environmental Science and Engineering, M.S.
Beijing, China
Liqun is a first-year Ph.D. candidate in science, technology and environmental policy at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Prior to arriving at Princeton, she earned a master’s degree in environmental science and engineering at Tsinghua University with a focus on Chinese air pollution. Her research involves residential fuel use and emission estimates, the impacts of electric vehicles on air quality, public health and economic impacts from China’s international trade and local air pollution prevention and control action plans. Liqun is interested in assessing potential co-benefits of pollutant mitigation policies to air quality, climate change and associated human health impacts.
Tiffany M. Peterson
III - Domestic Policy
University of Notre Dame, 2011
Architecture, BArch
Orange County, California
Tiffany is a Vietnamese-American architect and urban designer who is passionate about building community through equitable design and public policy. Inspired by her undergraduate research on neighborhood redevelopment, she believes that successfully planned neighborhoods can truly alter the trajectory of people’s lives. After her architecture and Italian studies in the far reaches of northern Indiana and a year of urban studies in Italy, Tiffany spent four years in the Los Angeles region working with municipalities and nonprofits to provide over 300 affordable housing units for artists and seniors; renovating community buildings, such as a daycare for homeless children; and informing public policy, such as a walkability study that analyzed accessibility to healthy foods. Her proudest accomplishment thus far is seeing a 67-page civic center master plan she wrote become adopted as a city ordinance. Upon graduation from the Woo, Tiffany aims to work at the nexus of urban design, planning and policy to build vibrant communities. Tiffany holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree with honors from the University of Notre Dame where she was the inaugural recipient of the Jane Jacobs Award for commitment to community building. She splits time between Princeton and Brooklyn where she enjoys biking across the bridges, speaking Italian, and sharing 500 square feet with a tico, a pit bull, and a never-ending number of foster dogs.
D.J. Rasmussen
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009; University of California-Davis, 2013
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, B.S.; Civil and Environmental Engineering, M.S.
Cedarburg, Wisconsin
D.J. studies coastal storms and their economic damage and how climate stabilization targets, like the Paris Agreement, could impact projections of local sea-level rise. He builds statistical and numerical models to address these questions. D.J.’s career goal is to continue to produce tools based on the latest science to help stakeholders make decisions under evolving coastal flood risk. His hope is that these efforts will lead to planning and public policy that saves money and protects human lives. A portfolio of his work can be viewed at:
Javier Rojo
IV - Economics and Public Policy
University of New Mexico, 2012
Economics/Philosophy, B.A.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Javier was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of New Mexico where he studied economics, philosophy and statistics. After college, Javier worked at the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department as assistant to the chief economist. He was then selected as the first ever New Mexico fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, where he conducted various forms of economic analysis and wrote political commentary. Javier returned to New Mexico and began working at MediaDesk NM, a public relations firm that serves the local nonprofit sector. He then served as a grant writer for the Center of Southwest Culture, a nonprofit that works to revitalize New Mexico’s rural economy by introducing innovative business models. In terms of hobbies, Javier is a huge fan of combat sports. He especially likes boxing and mixed martial arts.
Macklin Scheldrup
I - International Relations
University of Colorado, Boulder, 2014
International Affairs/Political Science, B.A.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Before coming to WWS, Macklin lived in Afghanistan and Pakistan for three years. While there, he worked for monitoring and evaluation firms conducting research for aid agencies and NGOs including USAID, the Department of State, DFID, Oxfam and the Asia Foundation. From this he worked on a variety of topics, particularly implementing quantitative and quasi-experimental empirical approaches to conflict and stabilization research. A native Iowan, Macklin graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a B.A. in international affairs and political science.