The Woodrow Wilson School has hosted the PPIA Junior Summer Institute (JSI) at Princeton University for over 30 years. In this time, students from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of life experiences have come to campus to further their commitment to public service.

In addition to Princeton’s PPIA Junior Summer Institute, there are three other prominent schools that host PPIA summer institutes: the University of California at Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Michigan.

For additional information, please visit the PPIA program website.

  • The Princeton Program
    • The seven-week program is structured to introduce or strengthen skills that are core to policy analysis; microeconomics, statistics, writing, public speaking and organization/time management.

      JSI students benefit in numerous ways from their participation in the program. They have unique opportunities to meet and learn from talented peers from colleges and universities all over the country. JSI participants learn methods used to analyze, implement and interpret public policy at the domestic and international levels, such as critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, policy memo writing and oral presentation skills.

      In addition to studying analytic methods, students explore a range of timely domestic and international policy issues with experienced policy practitioners and academics. The combination of analytic skills and substantive knowledge of the world's most important policy issues is an excellent preparation for graduate programs in public policy.

      We are proud of the program and the many successful students who have joined us at the Woodrow Wilson School for the PPIA Junior Summer Institute. Individuals have gone on to pursue enriching careers serving the wider public as well as the communities they represent. We hope our JSI program will allow you to widen your academic and professional horizons.

      View our 2017 JSI student biographical profiles.

  • Curriculum Information
  • Course Credits
    • There is no credit given by Princeton University, as PPIA Junior Summer Institute courses are not part of the undergraduate or graduate degree programs. However, individual students may pursue credit at their home institutions by submitting the PPIA JSI course descriptions, grades and evaluations.

  • Financial Aid
    • Each student enrolled in the PPIA Junior Summer Institute receives a $1,500 stipend, full tuition, reimbursement for travel to and from the program, and living expenses. The participants live on campus and have access to Princeton University's resources.