Staff Directory

Namesort descending Title Office Phone Email
Matlofsky, Kristen D. Academic Assistant, Office of Population Research (OPR) 207 Wallace Hall 609-258-5622
McCollough, Nancy H. Office Coordinator, Office of Computing Services 003F Robertson Hall 609-258-1992
McDermott, Geralyn Z. Administrative Assistant, Program on Science and Global Security (SGS) 221 Nassau Street, Rm 212 609-258-4677
McDonald, Kris Program Manager, Bendheim-Thoman Center for Research on Child Wellbeing (CRCW) 277 Wallace Hall 609-258-6979
McGinnis, Melissa J. Graduate Admissions Office Manager, Graduate Admissions Office 221 Robertson Hall 609-258-5628
McGuinness, Karen L. Associate Dean for Graduate Education 106 Robertson Hall 609-258-4805
Merone, Tracy L. Department Office Support I, Population Research (OPR) 267 Wallace Hall 609-258-6976
Meuse, Daniel Deputy Director, State Health Reform Assistance Network 175 Julis Romo Rabinowitz 609-258-6474
Miranda, Michael Casual, Business Office 004 Robertson Hall 609-258-8880
Mosko, Lauren Public Affairs Coordinator, Office of Public Affairs and Communications 207 Robertson Hall 609-258-8909
Newton, Julie A. Faculty Assistant 318 Bendheim Hall 609-258-4911
Nuka, Pallavi Associate Director, Innovations for Successful Societies (ISS) 206 Bobst Hall 609-258-5258
Pispecky, Robin Grants Manager, Office of Population Research (OPR) 204 Wallace Hall 609-258-7996
Pontani, Susan L. Senior Technical Support/Help Desk Specialist, Office of Computing Services 003E Robertson Hall 609-258-7917
Pratt, Boriana Statistical Programmer, Population Research. 216 Wallace Hall 609-258-2360
Pren, Karen A. Project Manager, Office of Population Research (OPR) 237 Wallace Hall 609-258-8155
Pressman Levy, Nancy Head, Donald E. Stokes Library 057 Wallace Hall 609-258-4782
Rahman, Naila Assistant Director, Survey Research Center (SRC) 169 Nassau Street 609-258-7647
Ratliff, Angela Admissions Assistant, Graduate Admissions Office 222 Robertson Hall 609-258-7396
Rhodes, Geraldine M. Faculty Assistant 423-g G Robertson Hall 609-258-2863
Rivkin, Judith Events Manager, Program in Law and Public Affairs (LAPA) 415A Robertson Hall 609-258-8377
Rizzo, Susan D. Program Manager, Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHW) 186B Julis Romo Rabinowitz 609-258-6932
Rodriguez, German Senior Research Demographer, Office of Population Research (OPR) 241 Wallace Hall 609-258-4872
Rosado, Bonelys Media Services Coordinator, Office of Public Affairs and Communications 223c Robertson Hall 609-258-2674
Rosenthal, Violeta D. Assistant Director, Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance (JRCPPF) 216 Julis Romo Rabinowitz 609-258-9869